06 May 2015

Books ~ May 2015

Just tossing up a books purchased post for other bibliophiles to browse through :)
I'll only include a few otherwise the post can get really long, and all of the links beneath go over to bookdepository.... because that is the main source for any brand new books we purchase.

Please note we haven't read all of the books linked and listed here, yet, and ... some are still in the post.

The Man Who Was Jekyll and Hyde: The Lives & Crimes of Deacon Brodie ~ Rick Wilson
I'm wondering how much eye popping content I'll encounter in this book; I'll be sure to come back and let you know.  We're hoping it won't need too much editing so that Jay can read it also.  Biographies are such an excellent space for some  life's lessons  discussions.
UPDATE:  See my comment about this book and content issues, here (part way down the post)

The Amazing John Wesley: An Unusual Look at an Uncommon Life ~ H Newton Malony
Biographies are a genre our family really enjoys, and as a read aloud they are the books that Dn will go for first before any other title in our family book basket.  We've read a few biographies on John Wesley over our homeschooling journey, and I'm hoping this book becomes another recommended read!

We enjoyed book 1 of the Children of the Famine series in earlier years and these next two books are for Daisy's book basket, as some lite reading to give her a small break from some of the heavier non-fiction reading she is doing this year.  Adding here that Jay & I both enjoyed the quick read through of book 1 in this series much more than the book Sonlight selected for the Irish famine, Nory Ryan's Song ~ Giff ;  we just couldn't get into that book!

Wildflower Girl (Children of the Famine) Bk2 ~ Marita Conlon-McKenna

Fields of Home (Children of the Famine) Bk3 ~ Marita Conlon- McKenna
The next two books are from the Imagination Station Series and I get to proof read them before they to go on the Church library shelves.... such a tough job :)  but someone has to do it.

Attack at the Arena ~ Marianne Hering

Escape to the Hiding Place ~ Marianne Hering
Thomas Paine: Crusader for Liberty: How One Man's Ideas Helped Form a New Nation ~ Albert Marrin
I think I may have mentioned this book somewhere on my blog already, sorry for the repeat, but just have to say this is a very good, quick, and interesting read - in true Albert Marrin style. Recommending this one!

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