17 March 2015

Teachers Notes ~ To go with New Zealand Literature

Update: Sadly these teaching/book notes are no longer available.  I'm not sure why Scholastic & Harper Collins have removed them from their sites.

My now obsolete post read:
Having teaching, literature, or book notes to go along with the books being read in our home is so helpful, and then for me to be able to source book notes for NZ titles is really nice, and often so unexpected!

I keep forgetting to share these book notes in a stand alone post, and it wasn't until Allie was asking me about NZ literature that I got motivated enough to list and link them.

I'll toss some links in that will take you to the kindle edition, or book edition of each title.
Checking the titles out through a local NZ library, or loaning the books off a friends bookshelf  are not options everyone is able to do...

Book notes for some of our preferred New Zealand History, story format, titles:
These links no longer work,  I'll leave the post up on the off chance we find alternates somewhere, sometime.
  • Book notes for Caesar the ANZAC Dog ~ Patricia Stroud  (WWI) 
Caesar the ANZAC Dog Book edition

  • Book notes for Nice Day for a War (WWI) ~ Chris Slane & Matt Elliot     (view here)
Nice Day for a War Book edition

  • Book notes for Paddy the Wanderer ~ Dianne Haworth  (Modern times)
Paddy the Wanderer Kindle edition

  • Book notes for The Runaway Settlers ~ Elsie Locke  (1859.  This family is on the run from an abusive husband and father)
The Runaway Settlers Kindle edition

  • Book notes for Shadow of the Boyd ~ Diana Menefy    (1809)    (see our review)  
Shadow of the Boyd Kindle edition

And those looking for book notes to go with Scholastic, NZ, books, try here
I'll just be linking up two from that list:
  • Book notes for Call of the Cruins ~ Elizabeth Pullford  (I vaguely recall there being a reason why I wanted to read this to Daisy, and not hand it over as a reader, something to do with the main characters mystical connection to the Cruins and nature mysticism undertones.)  Call of the Cruins Kindle edition
  • Book notes for Enemy at the Gate ~ Philippa Werry     (Modern Times)                                   (see our review)  No options readily available for purchase, will need to library loan


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