23 March 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ 23rd March 2015

We're on week 6 of our history schedule and the children are managing to complete the work set each week.   Paring the reading down in Biblioplan is necessary to keep us moving steadily forward week to week in history, otherwise we get totally out of synch with any other reading we have lined up to compliment Biblioplan. 

This weeks Biblioplan chapter is very full, yet I think Jay and Daisy will be able to complete it as the rest of their reading load is lite.
 (Yes, I do hand the Companion to them to read individually  - it's easier for us to each read it separately, now they are older, and then we discuss topics of interest during history time on Thursday.  Thursday is the day we do mapping work and the day I also have them type up a history outline, or a narrative piece.

·       Bible
All: 1 Timothy   
We are going through the book of Timothy very slowly as a family, and enjoying a wonderful indepth study of this book together.
Hymn: Jesus, Priceless Treasure (Johann Franck) (All Glory, Laud & Honor C/D)
Cursive Copywork:  piece of your choice

·       History & Geography
Biblioplan Ch 7:  30 Years War pgs 151 - 175   (Tues – Thurs)
Mapping: wk 7B Thirty Years War
  ·       Family
Read Aloud: Out of Many Waters ~ Greene (SL7) p9-105
Afternoon Audio: Don Quixote ~ Cervantes 
Car time audio:  The Best of Our Island Story
Trial &Triumph Ch.27  Adolphus 1594-1632 
Christian Men of Science ~ Mulfinger: Kepler 1571-1630  (Scientist for this term)
King Alfred’s English ~ White

·        Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
N/F: ITTC: John Donne 1572-1631,  Herbert - The Temple 1633
Reader:  still to be decided
Poetry:  The Walker Book of Classical Poetry .. ~ Rosen
None of us are enjoying this book as much as I hoped we would, so we are going to drop it and just focus on using the book both children read from, aloud, during Family Time in the morning.
Free Reading:  Limbo Lodge ~ Aiken
Audio: El Dorado ~ Orczy (read by Karen Savage)
·        Jay ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
N/F: ITTC: John Donne 1572-1631,  Herbert - The Temple 1633
1: Book Basket: 
Won by the Sword ~ Henty  (lite read)
Practical Happiness ~ Schultz (discuss with dad)
2: Free Reading: various - delight led

·       English
Timed writing together with mum.      (Tues – Thurs)
Typing.  Either a narration from history reading, or from your current reader          (due Thurs)
Essentials in Writing, Level 8:  Lesson 4B +
Restart  AAS
1: GG Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer  Lesson 5: John Donne (1572-1631)
2: Essentials in Writing, Level 10:  Lesson 3+
Review in RnS
Greek & Latin Roots

·       Maths
CTC Math  
Computer Science 101
Computer Science 101

 ·       Science (both)
Emperor (Moths) Caterpillars. 
Daisy: How Things Work  (Coursera)   Mon, Tue, Fri
Jay: Mechanics - Coursera                     Mon, Tue, Fri
Our Emperor (Moth) Caterpillar eating his freshly discarded skin.   Pict taken by Dn
·       Languages
Both: Rosetta Stone French      Mon, Tue (Daisy only), Wed, Thurs

·       Logic
Jay: Chess

·       Other
Daisy:  Complex Loom band designs .... she made a horse last week (& lots of other things!)


reader19 said...

Hello Friend!
How cool that the Emperor Caterpillar eats his own skin! Yikes! Isn't that resourceful! Have you had any go into their chrysalis' yet? I'd imagine they are getting close to that phase...

I have to say thanks again for the books you are listing, for giving me new suggestions to chew on! So good to see other people list books and how they do what they do, it helps me so much!!!!

I bet your daughters loom bands this week were very clever! This week my daughter was doing the bracelets made out of embroidery thread, and knots in designs--we call them "Friendship bracelets" but I don't know if that crosses over or not to what you'd call them.

Sending you a big hug along with an all afternoon chat with pot of tea, snacks, and supreme fellowship!

Chelle said...

Always so nice to find your comments here Tracy!
It feels a little like the visit you offered at the end.
Lovely sunny day here (so pleased the sun came back out) so you may want to have be sipping chilled water and snacking on pineapple and watermelon :)

The caterpillars are so close to chrysalis stage ... and until; Dn found him eating his newly shed skin, we had no idea they did *that*

Book sharing is my pleasure. My thanks right back to you too!

One of Daisy's friends introduced her to friendship bracelets (same name here), but she still loom bands on :/
She made a very intricate headband today.

Hope your week ahead is migraine free, and blessing filled!