16 March 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ 16 March 2015

Just sharing the items that are (mostly) new this week.
·       Bible
Cursive Copywork:  piece of their choice

·       History & Geography
Biblioplan Ch 5: nil
Biblioplan Ch 6:  Puritan & Separatists pgs 126-135A, 136B-137A
Mapping: nil

·       Family
Read Aloud: My Escape from the Auto de Fe ~ la Mina
Recommending this book as the story is very interesting, though
Dn is struggling a little to get his tongue around some of the Spanish place names :D

Car time audio:  SOTW3 Ch: 4
  ·        Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Champlain (1570-1635)
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Wallenstein (1583-1634)

Reader:  1607 Pochahontas: True Princess ~ Hanes
Poetry:  The Walker Book of Classical Poetry .. ~ Rosen
(Blake, Wordsworth)
Optional:  Two Mighty Rivers: Son of Pocahontas ~ Hanes
Free Reading: The Stolen Lake ~ Aiken
Audio: Squanto: Thanksgiving FOTF (optional)

·        Jay ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Champlain (1570-1635)
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Wallenstein (1583-1634)
1: GG Yr 3Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer  
 Lesson 3: Reading Poetry 
Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542), Henry Howard (1517-1547), Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare (1564-1616) sonnets.   Already completed so onto:
Lesson 4: More Renaissance Poets, Ben Jonson (1572-1637)

2: Book Basket: Twenty Years After ~ Dumas (wk 4 of 6) 
Content issues:  Ch22  An Adventure of Marie Michon  (we read it and discussed it - others may prefer to skip it)

** This book should come with a "your student will be compelled to keep reading" warning!   Jay has finished it two weeks ahead of schedule :)  Every chance he gets he's had his nosed buried in this book, and he said today it's so nice to have 2 great books to read one right after the other. 
The first one was The Prisoner of Zenda ~ Anthony Hope  

We've got one more week to go after this one, and then we'll be taking a weeks break.  I, for one, am looking forward to it so that we can down our academic tools and get outside to enjoy some local walks and casual tramping, weather permitting, as we're not sure how long our sunny summery weather is going to last.  


Allie said...

Hi, Chelle! Your week looks like an interesting one. We're a skosh ahead of you (time-wise).

I'm looking for readers for ds (will be 13 next year) and would love to hear of any NZ lit recommendations you could make. I don't think "The Whale Rider" would be a good fit for him---and that's pretty much the limit of my knowledge of NZ lit.

Thanks! Allie

Chelle said...

Hi Allie!!
Have to say that we enjoyed the picture you shared of your DD en pointe!

Many NZ books are harder to source so I checked that these 2 are still available via kindle:

1: Shadow of the Boyd ~ Diana Menefy
(I've tossed our review up on Amazon as the book does have a few content issues, so might be better as a R/A for your family too)

2: Where the Flag Floats ~ D.C. Grant
Very much a boys book, though my dd enjoyed it too.

Lovely to have you stop by.

Allie said...

thanks for the book ideas! I just picked up "Where the Flag Floats" for ds. I'm not entirely sure what we'll do for read alouds next year, but am thinking we may read The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The other looks good, but probably better as a RA.

Chelle said...

Be interesting to see if your son enjoys Where the Flag Floats too (there are a few typos in the book...)

Looking forward to seeing what you use for R/A's in your new schooling year!
There are so many options for what one could read that I've often find it hard to narrow it down to a realistic amount :D