26 March 2015

Latin and Greek Roots with Word Up! The Vocab Show

Higher level subjects can feel pretty intense and serious much of the time so I like to break up the pace a bit and have some lighter 'study' tools to use.  Word Up! The Vocab Show is one of those tools we all decided we wanted to have a go at this year and so we've totally ignored any suggested age range Compass Classroom may have put on this course :-D
Just noting here;  this is not an asked for review, nor does it contain affiliate links ... just sharing what we are using and enjoying during our high schooling years.
I've just ramped Word Up! into our weekly schedule, and yes, it definitely is a lighter, zany look at some of the Latin and Greek Roots we are wanting to go through this year.  I did screw up my nose a little at one of the examples given in the first session with Word Up! attributing hydrophobia as the reason for Moses 'wanting' to part the Red Sea, but other than that this Dvd led series is all that we hoped a word study show with Dwayne would be; funny, and educational.

Along with the movie clips we downloaded we are also using the go-along extras provided online for this course, and the good thing is I can customise the tests.
The Quizlet Tools page lists the root words being covered, and if you click on each root word the link will open up into a new page which show the study and play tabs that compliment that root word.

Tracy, you and your Dd might enjoy a go at the games, Scatter and Space Race,  in that section☺


reader19 said...

We enjoyed looking up that Latin DVD, did you ever use the Visualize Latin program, from that same man? Or, did you decide to use this DVD instead of the Visualize Latin? Dd truly detests the latin program we are using now, and so I told her we would try a new program after we conclude this one. So good of you to post this option; just what we needed!!! Thank you so kindly! I so appreciate your blog, and use it weekly in my book investigations! Hugs to you!

Chelle said...

Yes, we have done/will use Visual Latin too. These Visual Latin & Word Up! dvds are totally different programs.
Visual Latin is foreign language program, and Word Up! is a language arts tool to learn Latin and Greek root words (along the lines of the last 1/2 of AAS bk7.
We don't do Latin all year, just during certain terms of the year. And as soon as Jay has finished RnS review he is going to put Visual Latin in that learning slot :)
Hope I have used up my word quota here ;)
So pleased our blog can be a help!
Hugs right back to you Tracy!!

reader19 said...

Gotcha~ Both programs look very good, but I think if we tried the Word Up DVD that would be a cheaper way to try it out to see if Dd likes it. Many thanks for sharing!

Hope you had a good Palm Sunday, and enjoy your lighter week!
Praying along for you all! and sending a cheery basket of eggs for Easter!

Chelle said...

Thanks Tracy!
Looking forward to commemorating the ressurection of our lovely Lord and Saviour!
& wishing the same for you!

Continuing to remember your property sale!
Off to read your blog posts now....

ETA: With scheduled learning for this week; even though our week is shorter we've kept the work load the same as we are hoping to reach the achievement goals set for this year.
Here's hoping ☺

reader19 said...

Visualize Latin is on sale now....I am very tempted to buy it...eek! so expensive! but, I really think latin is so helpful for further education..

Chelle said...

And not trying to influence you :D
..... I've had no regrets purchasing V.Latin, and the bonus is the Dc WANT to use it as Dwayne is a very engaging teacher.