15 January 2015

Books for Christmas and Audio Books

Both children requested some books as part of their 'christmas' stocking stuffers this year.
I asked what they would like......
Jay just wanted two Blake & Mortimer comics as he had other books on the go he was already happy to be reading.  He did end up reading through Daisy's new Murderous Math books once they arrived though  )
NB: Some of the Blake and Mortimer books contain an evolution view point.

Daisy hoped for some Murderous Math books, a new mystery book, more Elsie Dinsmore titles, some Mandie books and Blake and Mortimer comics.
All our readers, including Dn, seem to enjoy this one


A Mystery Book
A Mandie Book

She devoured those in no time at all as they are certainly lighter reading - perfect for holiday time :)
Daisy was wondering what she could read next.  God was so good and blessed us with 3 more Mandie volumes via a local 2nd hand book seller. 
One of her much loved friends has also kindly allowed her to borrow the Mandie volume she is missing so Daisy is all set with more relaxed holiday reading for the last few weeks of summer time break.
Jay is all set too - he's reading rule books for the war strategy game he's building.

Over our summer break we've listened to quite a few Paul Temple ~ Francis Durbridge radio drama mysteries, some dramatized Hercule Poirot ~ Agatha Christie and we are about to start Pilgrim's Progress as our lead in to a new year of learning. 

Over the years we've listened to Jim Pappas' dramatised reading of that wonderful story by John Bunyan, but we have never covered the unabridged version. 
(If anyone is looking for a free dramatised option this one is available via My Audio School)
I purchased Pilgrim's Progress, the kindle version, first so we could make good on the heavily discounted audio version over at audible. The Naxos production, read by David Shaw-Parker, is very good!
ETA: The beginning of the audio sounds ponderous and dry - stick with it, once the 'story' starts David Shaw-Parker brings the characters to life.  The language usage in Pilgrim's Progress is so rich and beautiful.  We're about to start part 2 of the audio ♥
While I'm mentioning kindle and audible options - for those wanting to cover Don Quixote purchasing this kindle version first allowed us to then purchase this excellently read audio version for $4.99


reader19 said...

I was so glad to see your rec on the audio of Pilgrim's Progress--I am hoping we will get to that soon. Thanks for introducing us to some new to us books! I so appreciate your sharing information with us!!

Sending you a cuppa tea and a lovely chat...perhaps sitting outside in your lovely weather! (it is snowing here!)


Chelle said...

New titles are always welcomed in our home too :)
I must add an additional note in my post about Pilgrim....
It'll be a lovely day to sit outside & visit over tea today - a nice 22 deg C.
Off to blog hop over to see what you're doing