19 January 2015

Planning Post ~ 2015: Homeschool Planner & My Working Folder

Once Christmas is done n dusted I like to start thinking about organising my homeschool planner and putting my working folder together.
My 2015 Working Folder (L) and Planner (R) with the planning grid all marked up and ready to go
I'm going to archive a few links here as I go along  - makes it easy for me to find later. Next year.

Here's last years post on how we set up The Ultimate Homeschool Planner (TUHP) with tabs.
I'll add a link to the tabs we're using and some colour co-ordinated pages to use for extra record keeping.
I ended up not writing out each week by hand into TUHP, we just continued to type up  my week ahead sheets and then I'd attach them to my planner.
2014's Planner with our week ahead sheet pasted in.
Having a calendar year page - or a year at a glance sheet - available for me to mark up and divide out is really important for the 'how long before we take a break ' question in our home.  One of these goes in each of our working folders. 
Year at a glance calendar.
Daisy and I like colour so we selected the green accented 2015 download and marked it up for our year ahead: 2015 free and editable Year at a Glance calendar
(originally found on Passport Academy)

Adding this link here for others that may want an online and  printable calendar: Year at a Glance calendar for New Zealander's.
I find the next link helpful to check our local (NZ) school's terms and breaks (needed to assist in planning out each term's music lessons :) )

We've looked over various student planners for Jay and Daisy and have found that handing them a week ahead sheet each - here's one of Jay's -  seems to work best for them at the moment.  Once they have their week ahead sheet they just ascertain the work load required each day to get their 'prescribed' learning done before Friday's deadline.
Along with a week ahead sheet, this year, both children have a literature reading sheet to work through.  This details the reading each student is responsible for reading by themselves in a 6 week period. 
6 weeks worth of History & Literature Reading.
History and literature scheduling sheets for my working folder.
6 wks worth of our class time history and literature schedule
This list is for my benefit, it makes it easy to see which books are coming up next.  I do like lists.
This week I really do need to sit down and work out a weekly (general guidelines) schedule for all of us to work from and so I can see where we can fit electives in.  Electives are the *need* to do things in our home, they help break up the rigor of our more academic must-do subjects.
I'm going to see if Daisy would like a print out of the girly girl planner pages found over at Tina's Dynamic homeschool plus.

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