14 January 2015

Researching Essentials in Writing

I'd been in pause, pray, and ponder mode over what to do with Daisy for this year with English and perhaps beyond that - namely the writing instruction part of that subject.

We don't think she's ready for Writing With Skill, Vol 1 yet - a possum in the headlights is not the look we're wanting.
The writing instruction Susan Bauer gives in those books is almost custom made for Jay - Daisy is needing something else; something incremental and preferably with a visual instructor who teaches with short instruction clips.

After researching our options, and narrowing down the choices for something that could work for Daisy.  I asked for other Sonlighter's experience with one course in particular, emailing the author (Matthew Stephens) and then read through Merry's review, over at Hope for Homeschool.
We made a decision ..... and I managed to make good on the sale price and free postage (yes, free to NZ!) Essentials in Writing was offering a little while back and purchased Level 8 for Daisy.
I'll update once we've got past start up mode; which is in 3 weeks from now  ......


Unknown said...

I'm going to go with Essentials in Writing next year for DD 12. She's going into the 7th grade but I think I'm going to start with the 6th grade and work our way up from there. Interested to see how this works for you and your dd.
Blessings to you and your family, Dara

Chelle said...

Lovely to find your comment here Dara!
Interesting that we are both about to pick EiW for our similarly aged DD's.
I will keep you posted on how this goes for Daisy.