24 November 2014

Lists of Books

I love book lists and during a tidy up of my blog I found some interesting links to the mensa reading lists for kids tucked away in blogging draft dust.
The earlier level (mensa books) links I originally found over at Murrayshire Academy  - great blog to link hop from ☺ - and today I decided to go hunting for the grade 9-12 list so I could see what titles were listed :-)
This next list was originally one of my SL posts  .... resharing here:
Lists of Books for Highschool
Beneath are some of the book lists I refer to, to source the books we're reading.  The list has changed a bit as the children have grown ... Five in A Row and selections from Honey for A Child's Heart ~ Hunt no longer make the cut for the teen/s reading in our home☺... Daisy is nearly 13!)

1000 Good Books Lists
Milestones Academy Bookstore (make sure you click the Additional Lit Selections)
Biblioplan's Recommended Book Lists
Veritas Press Print Catalogue ... it has book descriptions unlike SL's new catalogues ;-)
Sonlight (Pre-2012) Catalogue
Ambleside booklist by Author   pdf
Medieval Mom's Book List (originally shared on TWTM forums in this thread)
All Through the Ages ~ Christine Miller   (includes oop books too which is great for those of us that haunt 2nd hand book sales)
Lightning Literature
Epi Kardia 
The Great Books: History as Literature (SWB) TWTM.  highschool list further downs
A Mind in The Light    history, by era, book lists 

And  Norton time line  is great to use, to slot history literature in.

If you click on Book list under labels, on my blog :D ,you'll come up with posts that detail the books we've selected out to read.

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