29 November 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Purchases

The beauty of having so many home educational providers offering their items as downloads is a postage saving blessing to us.
{International postage can get nasty and mess with ones homeschooling budget ☺  and if you make good on Rainbow Resources offer of free postage with purchases over $500 USD - those of us in NZ need to be savvy about how those items are sent or otherwise what we saved in postage we end up having to pay in customs duty tax- don't ask me how I know that one  :/ }

We really like Compass Classroom's Visual Latin series and so during this Black Friday sale we have purchased these two downloads from them:
Economics for Everyone
Word Up! The Vocab Show

We pretty much have everything else sorted out for next years curriculum, bar a few lit guides and one subject area for Daisy - so the only other sale I'm waiting on is Audible's ... I hope they have one!

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