03 March 2014

Our Week Ahead: 3rd March 2014

I recently learnt a really good trick from a blogging friend: type posts up and then schedule them to publish themselves while you're away busy doing something else. 
So I started typing this in advance and to schedule "it' to post itself on Monday 3rd March...
Ha!  Life got to whirlwind speed and so I'm briefly stepping out of the whirlwind and coming back to brush up the draft & hit post. (At least the draft was nearly all done ☺)

Summer is officially over for us and it surely feels like autumn, we've got feijoas and walnuts falling off our trees (weeks earlier than normal!)  :/
Part of our family exercise of late has been cutting, wheel barrow-ing and stacking huge piles of wood for winter time fires.

Here is what our scheduled week ahead looks like - sometimes the reality pans out to be quite different.
  • Bible 
All: 1 Corinthians ch:6- ch:8 & discussion with Dn
Bobs: the book of Ezekiel (continue)
Daisy: 1 Samuel  (continue)
Me: 1 Corinthians (study)

Memorisation & Cursive Copywork:
Hymn: review Hymns from 2013 (wk 2 of 3)
Scriptures: Christian Life 1 verses pg 217 from Living Memory ~ Campbell (wk 2 of 8)

  • History & Geography
Topic: Great Britian Pt.1
Biblioplan Ch:2 Great Britian:  Celts, Roman Britons, Angles, Jutes, Saxons, King Arthur, Stonehenge, Beowulf, Arius & Athanasius, Nicea
Mapping: The 5 Oceans, &, Great Britian (biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Medieval World
Famous Men of the Middle Ages: Egbert of Saxon (AD 802-837)
Read Aloud: Black Horses for the King ~ McCaffrey (SL)  AD 500
Poetry: Favourite Poems, Old & New ~ Ferris (SL),
&/or, The New Oxford Book of Children's Verse ~ Phillip
Car time Audio: The Best of Our Island Story ~ Marshall (Naxos)

Daisy ~ History & Literature:
SOTW 2  ~ Bauer  Ch 2: The Early Days of Britain
Reader: King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table ~ Pyle (audio opt)
& book basket selection/s
Poetry: A Child's Introduction to Poetry ~ Driscoll

Bobs ~ History & Literature:
HoTMW ~ Bauer (discuss with mum)
Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Literature:
Lesson 1: Bede ~ The Ecclesiastical History of the English People  (complete)
Reading: The Hound of Ulster ~ Sutcliff (opt) completed. Bobs enjoyed this book, and devoured it. He said to note that there are some mature female/male relationship themes in it.  (Recommending you pre-read it Y)
or a book basket selection
Other literature: Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court ~ Twain (audio) completed ages ago, says he  :-o
Bobs said he was really enjoying this story until Twain took a Charles Dickens "bender" (gloomy & depressive) in the last part of the story.
History Audio: This Sceptred Island vol. 1 
  • English (or Language Arts ;) )
Continue with reviewing in All About Spelling, Grammar in Rod n Staff 4
Type thank you letters
Complete current lesson in Story Starters ~ Andreola

Continue with reviewing AAS rules,  Grammar in Rod n Staff 6,
Latin & Greek Roots
Type thank you letters
(Greenleaf Guide Above)
  • Math
Khan Academy for both (continue)
  • Science
Chemistry 101
Continue our study of turkeys, ducklings, and pigeons
  • Electives
Home Economics (baking)
Delight led extras

Carpentry (with Dn)
Lego ;-)
Delight led extras


reader19 said...

Stopping by...left a hug and good cheer for you! I've requested the Teaching the Trivium book from ILL; and can't wait to read it! Thinking of you today!

Chelle said...

Thanks Eliz & Tracy, so appreciate your kind words, thoughts, prayers & hugs!!

PS: looking forward to seeing what you think of Teaching the Triv, Tracy .

much love to you both,