27 February 2014

Frugal Homeschooling

Sarah Elisabeth's post found here  delivering grace: Curriculum and money   leapt right off the page at me because I'd been pondering over how God blesses me with some of the things that are essentially wants in our homeschool.
And while my post is not strictly about no cost options I thought I'd share a few things that allow those 'extra' non-essential things to happen in our homeschool life. 

We are blessed to be able to source many of the things we are desiring to use for each year ... it's the extra things that can fall through the gaps for us - things like:
audio books,
art, or craft, supplies,
and a math instructor.
Here is how God has blessed us with those extra's too, either free or at an affordable, LOW cost, very achievable price.
I'll start with the last one first ....

Math instructor:
  • We can source a math instructor, for free, via Khan Academy.  

Art and crafting supplies:
  • This area still requires some outlay so we try to be diligent to rifle through the sales items at stationary shops, craft shops, The Warehouse etc..  - it's amazing what you can find in thrift shops and at garage sales (yard sales for my U.S friends).
  • Sometimes scouring the sales boards Trademe, or Sella can turn up unexpected finds .... 
  • I've yet to have any joy on our homeschool 'trading' group :D  (art and crafting items usually sell very fast there!)
  • Members of my family know how much I appreciate 'supplies' so often as not I'll get gifted with vouchers for my birthday and Christmas 

Audio books: 
  • This would probably be what I consider one of "my'' slightly frivolous homeschooling wants - not necessary, but so lovely to have.
  • We utilise our local library's ever expanding collection of audio books, both hardcopy and  the downloadable selections that are available through the e.pukapuka section of their online site.
  • I also scroll through sites such as books should be free etc for well read audio titles.    Very cost effective (if one doesn't mind 'this is a librivox recording ...." at the start of each chapter :)  )
  • Having the budget $9.95 per year audible membership means that when they have their mega sale we can purchase many audio books at an amazing price.  Very cost effective!  But it is still a cost so I prepare for it by onselling things we no longer need or require.
  • (Sometimes "purchasing" the kindle, whispersync, version of a book from amazon first makes the cost of the companion audio book at audible 'a steal' )
And I could start waxing eloquent about P.E, and notebooking pages, and fine arts items, and...
But I'll stop here ☺

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reader19 said...

I can't wait to look into this--when I looked into Audible.com they were charging so much it was going to be over $200 a year to get ONE book per month!!! That is a lot for a little. I will look into your 'books should be free' site...I've been meaning to ask you, since I've heard you mention you get your audio membership for $9.99 per year; but I figured you were grandfathered in to Audible from getting it when they first started up or something like that. Thanks so much for answering the question that I kept forgetting to ask; but had on my mind for months!!! I really appreciate it!!

Your appreciative friend,