10 March 2014

Our Week Ahead: March 10th 2014

Using that handy-dandy post scheduling feature, and I'm not listing everything we'll be using or hoping to do...

  • Bible 

All: 1 Corinthians ch:8- ch:10 & discussion with Dn
Bobs: the book of Ezekiel (continue)
Daisy: 1 Samuel  (continue)

Memorisation & Cursive Copywork:
Hymn: review Hymns from 2013 (wk 3 of 3)
Scriptures: Christian Life 1 verses pg 217 from Living Memory ~ Campbell (wk 3 of 8)

  • History & Geography

Topic: Great Britian pt.2
Biblioplan Ch:2 Great Britian:  Celts, Roman Britons, Angles, Jutes, Saxons, King Arthur, Stonehenge, Beowulf, Arius & Athanasius, Nicea
Mapping: Britian (biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Babarian Kingdoms
Famous Men of the Middle Ages: Alaric the Visigoth, Genseric the Vandal
Read Aloud: Black Horses for the King ~ McCaffrey (SL)  AD 500
Poetry: Favourite Poems, Old & New ~ Ferris (SL),
&/or, The New Oxford Book of Children's Verse ~ Phillip

Daisy ~ History & Literature:

The Great Deeds of Superheroes: Cuchulain the Champion ~ Saxby & Ingpen pg 142-157  
 Amazingly The Great Deeds of Superheroes is still available for sale through bookdepository. I personally like this book and don't agree with the school librarian's negative review on amazon ;). This book covers a wide range of personalities & legends, including Moses and Samson, and Ingpen's  illustrations are amazing!  (Ingpen is one of my favourite illustrators for children's books.) 
Saxby's writing style is engaging and succinct with the stories long enough to get a good overview of the character Saxby is introducing you to.  These elements made this book a perfect leaping off point for extra reading about the characters that interested us.  For 7-13 yr olds, I prefer Saxby's retelling of Gilgamesh over any other stories I've read about Gilgamesh, written by other authors, for this age group.

I especially appreciated the hero chart in the book, it lists each hero and then things particular to each one:
Weapon or talisman, circumstances of birth, prophecy, tutor/mentor, infancy, boyhood & youth, initiation, task & trials, journey, strengths, weaknesses, death.

Heroes studied are Perseus, Heracles, Theseus, Jason, Odysseus, Gilgamesh, Sigurd, Vainamoinen, Moses, Samson, Beowulf, King Arthur, Cuculain, Roland, & El Cid.
Reader: King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table ~ Pyle
Audio: Beowulf the Warrior ~ Sutcliff
Poetry: A Child's Introduction to Poetry ~ Driscoll

Bobs ~ History & Literature:
HoTMA ~ Bauer (discuss with mum)
Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Literature ~
Lesson 1: Bede ~ The Ecclesiastical History of the English People  (complete)
Lesson 2: Anglo Saxon Poetry, incs Caedmon's Hymn (the changes in Medieval English)
Idylls of the King ~ Tennyson (audio opt, selections)   contains very mature themes

  • English (or Language Arts ;) )

Continue with reviewing in All About Spelling, Grammar in Rod n Staff 4
Type outlines on history topics
Complete current lesson in Story Starters ~ Andreola
Start:  Strong Fundamentals Writing With Ease (level 4 section)  ~ Bauer

Continue with reviewing AAS rules,  Grammar in Rod n Staff 6,
Latin & Greek Roots
Type outlines on history topics
(Greenleaf Guide Above)

  • Math

Both: Khan Academy
Daisy: Select topics in:  AoPS Pre-Algebra book & videos, Making Math Meaningful (review)
Bobs: AoPS (select topics)

  • Science

Chemistry 101
The Periodic Table of Videos
etc :)
Bobs is on a delight led run, at the moment, with Astronomy ....
so Dn has the telescope back out.
  •  Other

Online 'educational' games we're choosing from this week : thought I'd add this in, for others who may prefer any computer time during a 'schooling' run to be educational too.
United Kingdom Cities
European Geog
Continents Map (not as easy as it seems)
Oceania quizz
Free Rice
Wordly Wise Student Games

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