24 March 2014

Our Week Ahead ~ 24 March 2014

Last week was technically, as in supposed to be, a very lite left overs week/semi week off. 
In reality it was a full week on with IRL situations that just leapt out of the box at us.
We are very happy to back to scheduled learning this week ☺ 
March 24th 2014
  • Bible 
All: 1 Corinthians ch:11- ch:12 & discussion with Dn
Daisy: II Kings  (continue)

Memorisation & Cursive Copywork:
Hymn: Bob's choice for this term
Scriptures: Ephesians 4:32
Christian Life 1 verses pg 217 from Living Memory ~ Campbell (wk 4 of 8)

  • History & Geography
Topic: Medieval Christian Church
Biblioplan Ch: 3 The Medieval Christian Church~ St. Patrick, St. Columba

St. Augustine, St. Jerome
Mapping: Invasion (biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Return to Christianity, Monks & Monasteries
N/F: Church History (selections)
Columba at Bridei's fort.jpg

Read Alouds:
Black Horses for the King ~ McCaffrey  (complete).
Flame Over Tara (SL) ~ Polland (start)
Car time audio: Beowulf the Warrior ~ Sutcliff
N/F: How the Irish Saved Civilization ~ Cahill 941.501 Cah (selections)
Poetry: Anglo Saxon Poetry 

The Dream of the Rood (GGtML) supporting link
The Seafarer, or, The Wanderer

Daisy ~ History & Literature:
SOTW 2: Ch 3: Christianity Comes to Britain
N/F: Medieval Myths, Legends and Songs ~ Trembinski
Reader: Where Red Deer Run ~ Jenny Robertson (Columba)
Audio: King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table ~ Pyle
A Child's Introduction to Poetry ~ Driscoll

Bob ~ History & Literature:
1: Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Literature ~
(Interjecting a comment here about GGtML: J, and I, just flat out like!! these guides.  The guides are written directly to the student and Mrs. Shearer injects humour right into the lessons, which often produce a burst of laughter during lit studies.  J is enjoying, his 2nd year, using a Greenleaf lit guide.)
Lesson 2: Anglo Saxon Poetry, incs Caedmon's Hymn
  (the changes in Medieval English) (complete on Monday)
Lesson 3 : Introduction to Beowulf

2: Invitation to the Classics
(early Christian Writers: Augustine AD401 - selections)  ~ Cowan & Guiness
Audio: Augustine's Conversion ~ Mclean

  • English (or Language Arts ;) )
All About Spelling
Grammar in Rod n Staff 4
LOF: Language Arts bk 2
Type outlines on history topics
Continue with current lesson in
Story Starters ~ Andreola
Strong Fundamentals Writing With Ease (level 4)  ~ Bauer

Bob (English):
WWS: continue with re-organising folders. Complete all the necessary, missing, written pieces.
AAS rules  
Grammar in Rod n Staff 6
Type outlines on history topics
(Writing in Greenleaf Guide, Above)

  • Math
Both: Khan Academy
Daisy: Select topics in:  

AoPS Pre-Algebra book & videos
Making Math Meaningful (review)
Bob: AoPS (select topics)

  • Science (both)
Chemistry 101 (Friday)
The Periodic Table of Videos   (Delight led)
Bob (check start date for Coursera astronomy courses)
Daisy (delight led: Equine/Horses)

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