20 March 2014

Online Courses ~ 2014

A home educating friend, Carole - whose opinion holds serious weight for me - introduced us to Coursera a good while back, and admittedly we've been hit and miss about signing up for courses and then completing them.
But we seem to be on to it this year !!

Bob and Daisy have selected out a few Coursera courses that interest them.

Science of the Solar System
These 2 courses are running in tandem, so Bob may delay the starting of the 2nd one and just work through it at his own pace later.

And, technically, Bob is (supposed to be) continuing with chemistry this year and the at-your-own-pace course put out by Virtual Homeschool Group (VHSG)

The Horse Course (contains a Darwinism theory of the evolution of the horse right at the beginning)
Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Math : 
Khan Academy  (both)
Art of Problem Solving  (Daisy)

Economics & Finance (Khan)
 Micro, macro, Finance & Capital Markets  (100% delight led & done in Bobs own time)

and back to Coursera... along with the courses Bob & Daisy have chosen I selected out an English/writing course for Bob and me to work through together, in the new term.
(I signed us up so we could have the lessons archived to come back to and use at our own pace later)

Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade

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