12 February 2014

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 10th February 2014

Our first week back and it's a disjointed one at that.
But, we persevere ☺

Most academic subject areas, at this stage of our learning year, are all in review mode as we click them back on.
In other areas of learning we are reading through introductory notes and chapters for the course work ahead.

- 1 Corinthians (start)
- Chemistry 101 Dvd
- (other science documentaries)
- Family pets & projects (too many to list :D )
- Bike Riding, Badminton, (Swimming  - just the children & dad)
- Audio: The Girl of the Limberlost ~ Porter
A Girl of the Limberlost(completed)  This is one of my favourite books from way back,  yet it pays to note the mother is awful at the beginning of this book (nasty, embittered, and abusive!! ) and then a series of events happen that changes her life, her attitude, and the way she treats her daughter, Elnora.  A story of forgiveness, restoration, and redemption. If you enjoy Lamplighter books (Tracy ;-) ) then you'll appreciate this book... well, after you get past the awful mother portion!
By purchasing the kindle edition  first we were able to procure the whispersync audio (read by Christina Moore) for $2.99

- listening to the book of Psalms
- The History of the Renaissance World ~ Bauer (audio) completed
We decided to listen through both audio books first and then we can settle down to study through and discuss select portions of both of Bauer's books , Medieval, &,  Renaissance, as we progress through the year.  (Y, you will want to go through these books first! )
- Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Literature (introductory chapter & going over the books to be read for the year)
- The Westing Game (SL G)  (he enjoyed this so much he sat & devoured it! Yay!!!)
- Khan Academy - review
- Drums
- Photography
- Lego ;)

- she's listening through the start of the Old Testament, again :)
- Any era ☺ She's enjoying learning about Dwight L. Moody, and cutting out Medieval Paper Dolls.
- These Happy Golden Years ~ Wilder ( & a pile of other books!)
Khan Academy - review
-  (still to start)
- Piano
- Horse Riding (Daisy's first lesson was this week & she just LOVED it!!)

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