24 February 2014

Our Week Ahead ~ Feb 24th 2014

It feels good to be up and running with our year long study of Medieval History, with 3 birthdays, guests, and a wedding anniversary (my in-law's 57th) all celebrated and tidied away.

We're still in ramping up mode, clicking the subjects back on,  so here's our proposed week ahead:
  • Bible 
All: 1 Corinthians ch:1- ch:5 & discussion with Dn
Bobs: the book of Ezekiel (continue)
Daisy: 1 Samuel  (continue)

Memorisation & Cursive Copywork:
Hymn: review Hymns from 2013 (wk 1 of 3)
Scriptures: Christian Life 1 verses pg 217 from Living Memory ~ Campbell (wk 1 of 8)

  • History & Geography
Topic: The Early Church
Biblioplan ch: 1 (selections)
Church History Made Easy ~ Jones  pg 6, 11b -14  (we have the older, black & white version)
Mapping: 7 Continents (biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Polycarp, Irenaeus, Constantine the Great
Primary Resources: Polycarp 1: background, 2: letter to the Philippians.  Irenaeus: Read Selections

Read Aloud: by M.I Ebbutt (The Dream of Maxen Wledig - Mabinogion retelling)
(to view the above, scroll to pg 53 in this google preview)
Poetry: Favourite Poems, Old & New ~ Ferris (SL),
&/or, The New Oxford Book of Children's Verse ~ Phillip
Daisy ~ History & Literature:
SOTW 2  ~ Bauer Ch:1
Irenaeus of Lyons ~ Ferguson
Reader: Book basket selection
Audio: Robinson Crusoe ~ Defore  (favourite repeat ☺)
Poetry: A Child's Introduction to Poetry ~ Driscoll

Bobs ~ History & Literature:
HoTMW ~ Bauer (discuss with mum)
Invitation to the Classics: Early Christian Writers (selections) ~ Cowan & Guiness
Bede ~ The Ecclesiastical History of the English People  selections with The Greenleaf Guide: L1
** the link for lesson 1, in the guide is 'retired' , we managed to locate the brief biography required at this url:
http://www.bedesworld.co.uk/bede/      2017 update. No longer available, we had to revert to internet trawling to find the answers for Daisy.
  • English (or Language Arts ;) )
Review in All About Spelling, Grammar in Rod n Staff 4
Write Outlines on history topics
Next lesson in Story Starters ~ Andreola  (this book is a perfect fit for Daisy)

Review AAS rules,  Grammar in Rod n Staff 6,
start on Latin & Greek Roots
(Greenleaf Guide Above)
  • Math
Khan Academy for both (continue)
  • Science
Chemistry 101
Delight led Dvd with dad ☺
Continue our study of turkeys, ducklings, and pigeons (they are all growing so fast!)

Adding the next portion for the pet lovers:
Titus McPerky The Turkey's  'girl' friend is now called Tilly McPerky... and we think we might have named the ducklings, maybe...
 Andy-Pandy and Looby-loo
(because they walk just like them and we have a "Teddy" too (Leroy, our Bichon) ☺

  • Electives
Horse riding lessons
Delight led extras

Carpentry (with Dn)
Lego ;-)
Delight led

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