24 February 2014

Delight Led Crafts ~ Cards

Since I enjoy seeing what Tracy, of Fleur de Lis Homeschool Blog, and her daughter are making I figured I'd pull this post out of draft mode, and share some of my mothercraft time with Daisy ...

Daisy & I like to card craft together - I purchased some punches and stamps from a homeschooling friend that crafts gorgeous cards, and sells card making items - and so during January we sat down to try out our new christmas purchases while we listened to Just William at Christmas

Here are a few of the many cards we tossed together with a fun rule added for good measure: the cards had to have at least one item on them that had been crafted with a new punch/stamping tool

Daisy's Creation .. so pretty!
Made together for Aunt J's anniversary.  Daisy loves anything purple ;-)
Bobs chose the colours and then we had to make something
The card Daisy selected out from my made pile to have as her birthday card {shrug}
One of a series of cards we made for one of my beloved friend's February birthday .. Daisy loves purple ;)

detail inside


Allie said...

Beautiful cards!

Chelle said...

Thanks Allie.

reader19 said...

Hello Chelle!
Do you have one of those fancy paper cutting machines or did you somehow manage to entrap shoe elves to do some paperwork for you?!! tee hee! I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet; and here I am!!! Wowzers! Those cards are works of art! You all did an amazing job at making those cards! I know I am not suppose to pick favorites; but that purple and light blue flower--the first one was great!! with the little butterfly! I love it!