11 January 2014

Pet Post ~ January 2014

Tossing this post here for those that love critters and can't access dropbox links :-D  (To make the pictures larger just click on the photos)
Titus McPerky (our 'baby' turkey, who is growing like a tumble weed)
Mango, the Apple Snail (approx the size of a tennis ball)

Our Welsh Harlequin ducklings, less than 24 hours old. We had 4 eggs in the incubator but only 2 made it all the way through to a hatched, live, duckling
The duckling with the darker bill is the boy, the other is a girl. So sweet at just a day old.

Our Bichon, Leroy, LOVES the ducklings too, and tries to 'mother' them. He would spend all day gazing at them in the brooder, if he only had a lap to sit on so he could see into their box

Are You My Mother ? ☺


reader19 said...

So glad to get to see the photo's!!! I can see Leroy does have a keen sense of paternal 'mothering' in him! Bless his heart! He wants to nest down with those babies and snuggle all together! Why, they could just all take naps together--why not?!! It would out well, don't you think!!! Titus McPerky does have a proud look about him! He is quite a handsome young man! He probably thinks Leroy is making manhood look weak! Ha! The apple snail is such a glory too! What an amazing creature to behold! You've got such a nice 'home' going on there! So welcoming! Your daughter looks like she has a tender hand for the animals too! Holding them just right for love and care! Wish I could pop over and a cup of tea and meet them all in person! I've know read up on the Welsh Harlequin ducks and they are so calm they might just be nice enough to let me hold them for a moment while we chat! Thanks so much for sharing the photo's! I was so happy when I stopped by to check this morning! Sending you a hug! Tracy

Chelle said...

@ Tracy:
I did so want you to 'see' them!

And wishing you would pop over, the weather is warmer and we live in critter cove (at the moment anyway)

Love the comments, thank you (you will absolutely make Daisy's day, she is our extreme critter lover... with Leroy being a close 2nd ;-)
When the ducklings are bigger, and not needing the brooder - Leroy can 'mummy' them to his hearts content.

@ Eliz.
LOL!! (naughty!)
I'll get Dn to read that hahaaaa.
One day, I may get a rabbit and surprise y'all.

Chareen said...

Love these photo's Chelle :) Happy new year to you and your family

Chelle said...

Chareen it's always lovely to find a comment from you here (& 2 in one sweep is great ☺ )

& returning the new years blessings right back to your family too!

Allie said...

Erik and Elise liked the pictures of your pets. Erik thinks a hedgie isn't enough and that we should get more. I think we might be in trouble ;)

Chelle said...

Happy to return the pet viewing favour.... & tell Erik your hedgie is worth at least 6 pets ;)
Spicicle is darling!!!