06 January 2014

52 Books in 52 Weeks – 2013

It’s quite refreshing to see the books I’ve covered in 2013, since it always feels like I am not getting the opportunity to get through as many books as I’d like to, besides those on our home educating schedule.

I’ve counted in some of the children’s books I was pre-reading for our 2014 Middle Ages study book baskets, and since the children were studying ancients during 2013 I’ve tried to include books set in , or from that era also.
I’m slowly working my way through a select pile of Agatha Christie’s who-dunnits (on audio) – I do prefer Miss Marple over Hercule Perriot any day – A.G’s books are lite reading/listening indeed, but were a nice change in pace for when my brain was feeling a little fatigued, ha!,  after a week of  ‘heavier’ Ancients reading, higher level math, and teaching texts.
I haven’t included any of the weighty tomes I’ve been reading for a course of study I am doing, they don’t seem to count, somehow.
The number beside each book is my personal rating for the book at the time of reading with the range being:
(1) = would not recommend,
(2) = some interesting aspects but not one of my recommended reads,
(3) = would recommend.
(4) = Really good (or worthy) read, would definitely recommend
(5) = Excellent book, highly recommend

The next few are ongoing, sip, reads so I will add them here:
A: Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Vol’s 1 and 2 (pub Harper & brothers)
Sip reading these over a few years
B: Charlotte Mason Study Guide (& Corresponding Vols) ~ Penny Gardner
This is a pause & ponder style reading – I’ve been a few years at it already
C: Petticoat Pioneers: North Island Woman of the Colonial Era Bk2 ~ Miriam Macgregor
D: Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens ~ Debra Bell
E: Invisible Illness, Visible God ~ Merry Marinello
(I'm including, and linking this book, despite the fact I'm still reading it in a sip and pause fashion. It's an encouraging and worthy read.)
1.      Greenmantle ~ John Buchan (4+)
2.      Mr. Standfast ~ John Buchan (4)
3.      Phaedo ~ Plato ~ (3++)
4.      Till We Have Faces ~ C.S. Lewis (3)
5.      Leaders Who Last ~ Dave Kraft (5)  (an annual read for me)
6.      Death Comes as the End ~ Agatha Christie (4+)  (abridged dramatized audio.  Any mature/adult toned content is cut out)
7.      Theft of Swords ~ Michael J. Sullivan (4+)
8.      Give Them Grace ~ Elyse. M. Fitzpatrick (0)
 I loved the idea of this book but just could not find an appreciative reading groove with it so dropped it after the 4th unsuccessful start
9.      Reaping the Harvest ~ Diana Waring (5)
10.   Elizabeth Prentiss ~ Sharon James  (3)  I didn’t enjoy this as much as I hoped I would
11.   Northanger Abbey ~ Jane Austen (2+)
12.   Persuasion ~ Jane Austen (3+)
13.   Jane Eyre ~ Charlotte Bronte (4)
14.   Sparrow Alone ~ Alicia Petersen  (3+) 
has a disjointed ending but still a good read
15.   Black Horses for the King ~ Anne McCaffrey (SL)  (4)
16.   The Gammage Cup ~ Carol Kendall (SL) (4+)
does contain mature content. Use as a reader.  For those that don't like 'fantasy' styled reads you'd best ignore this book.
17.   The Great and Terrible Quest ~ Margaret Lovett (SL) (4+)
18.   A Thousand Pieces of Gold ~ Adeline Yen Mah (2)
I ended up skipping her personal stories as continually reading how “hard” her life had been and how much her family hates/hated her becomes depressing after a while
19.   Gateway of the Sun ~ Lori Wagner (4)
20.   A Parcel of Patterns ~ Jill Paton Walsh (SL) (4)
21.   Thrones, Dominations ~ Dorothy Sayers/ Jill Paton Walsh (2-) 
This is not Sayers enough for me.
22.   The Documents in the Case ~ Dorothy Sayers/Robert Eustace (2-)
my least favourite DLS book ever!
23.   A Presumption of Death ~ Jill Paton Walsh (A Lord Peter Wimsey book) (3-)
24.   Ladies, A Plate: The Collection ~ Alexa Johnston (4+) 
NZ recipe book with interesting historical excerpts
Book Cover:  Ladies, a Plate: The Collection
25.   Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World ~ Jack Weatherford (4)
26.   What Hearts ~ Bruce Brooks (SL) (1)
27.   The Pillar of Fire ~ J.H. Ingraham (3+)
28.   The Harbinger ~ Jonathan Cahn (3+)
29.   The Peace Child ~ Don Richardson (SL) (2)
30.   The Aeneid ~ Virgil (3+)
31.   The Jewish Wars ~ Joesphus  (2+ )
Quietly dropped this … too gore filled for me.
32.   The Old Testament, the KJV Bible ~ Genesis to Malachi (5+)
33.   Treats From Little and Friday ~ Kim Evans (4++) cook book
34.   Devotions for Homeschool Moms ~ Jackie Wellwood (4)
35.   Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit ~ Teri Maxwell (4)
36.   Discover Your Children’s Gifts ~ Don & Katie Fortune (4+)
37.   Cyrus the Persian ~ Sherman A. Nigel (4+)
38.   Within the Palace Gates ~ Anna P. Siviter (5)
39.   Quo Vadis ~ Henryk Sienkiewicz (3+)
see my review elsewhere on my blog
40.   The Shakespeare Stealer ~ Gary Blackwood (SL) (3+)
41.   The Famous Men of Rome ~ (Memoria Press Edition) Haaren/Poland (3++)
42.   The Famous Men of Greece ~ (Memoria Press Edition) Haaren/Poland (3++)
43.   The Old Testament ~ KJV (5)
44.   Enslaved by Ducks ~ Bob Tarte
Still reading.  Just flat out enjoying this book. Tracy, you would really appreciate this book, I’m sure. UPDATE: the book got very odd part way through, focusing on the 's3xual orientation' of the birds.)
45.   The Castle of Otranto ~ Horace Walpole (3) written in 1764
46.   Cadfael: A Morbid Taste for Bones ~ Ellis Peters (4) The rating is for the audio  the book was a 2- for me. I didn't like Cadfael's take on "unwedded" relationships. I was entertaining the idea as a Middle Ages reader for ds.  The book contains details we can do without ;) going to use the abridged dramatized audio.  Much of the too mature/adult toned content is cut out.
47.   Cadfael: The Potters Field ~ Ellis Peters (4)
similar comment as above.  We just went straight to the audio for this one
48.   The Valley of Fear ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (4-)  Reader for ds
49.   Cadfael: The Virgin in the Ice ~ Ellis Peters (5)
Dramatised audio. Too scary for me, but Dn really enjoyed it so the rating is his
50.   They Do It With Mirrors ~ Agatha Christie (4+)
(abridged dramatized audio.  Much of the too mature/adult toned content is cut out)
51.   Pioneering Life and the Kauri Tree ~ The (NZ) Kauri Museum (4++)
52.   Life on the Home Front  WWII ~ Readers Digest (5)
53.   Why Didn’t They Ask Evans ~ Agatha Christie (4-) (audio)
54.   Looking for the King: Inklings bk1 ~ David C. Downing (VP)  (2-)
I liked the idea of this book, but the reality did match up
55.   Lol…. OMG ~ Matt Ivester (5-)
imho, this is a must read for those who use social media
56.   The Four Loves ~ C.S. Lewis (4++)
57.   Idylls of the King ~ Alfred Tennyson (4++) I do appreciate epic poetry. Contains mature adult content.
58.   Passenger to Frankfurt ~ Agatha Christie (4) (audio)
59.   ANZAC Day: The New Zealand Story ~ Philippa Werry  (5) child’s N/F 
60.   The Private World of Georgette Heyer ~ Jane Aiken Hodge (3+)
61.   Royal Escape ~ Georgette Heyer (4-)
62.   Meditations: Bk 1 ~ Marcus Aurelius (4+)
ds & I found the ideas presented in this book generated some very interesting discussions
63.   Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ~ unknown (4++)
64.   Little Dorrit (Abridged) ~ Charles Dickens (4+)
65.   The Life and Art of Lynley Dodd ~ Finlay Macdonald (4+)
for one of my blog readers.. this book does contain a few life studies from art school years which you would probably like to edit out. 


reader19 said...

I just read the description of Enslaved by Ducks...and that does sum up my life already...you wouldn't believe the amount of chores I do daily for the critters I've claimed (wild and/or domestic) within my reach!!! I make my life so complicated, but I enjoy it so! Thanks for the book suggestion---it does look like it would be spot-on! Thanks for the new post; I so enjoy getting these visits with you; and getting to look up new book ideas. It is also nice b/c I don't have to go back and search through the SL chats; I can come to your blog and find them here so easily in your search. I guess I could do that there too-- but here I get such a nice visit with you! Sending you a big, warm hug and hello!!!

Chelle said...

The E.B.D books is my life too (thanks to Dn and the children... they're critter mad!! You'd fit right on in ☺)

Thanks for stopping by, with hugs and hellos!!!!
I do like the one-on-one visits ;)

You list so many great books, for me to research, on your blog posts that I thought I'd return the favour with a drowning post.

Praying you stay safe and warm with all that snow Tracy!
(Our kiwimum is in the blazing heat and you are in the icy cold!)

Blessings dear friend.

Chareen said...

Thank you so much for this list Chelle :) I love a good book list and this is definitely one :)

Chelle said...

@ Chareen,
book lists are my very favourite kind of list!

Mahers Hill Academy Blog has a nice list too (weds jan 8 2014) http://mahershillacademy.blogspot.co.nz/