13 January 2014

Books Read in 2013 by a Blogging Buddy

Many of us like a good book list and so I thought I'd link to the list created by a blogging buddy:  Mahers Hill Academy: Books Read in 2013

If anyone else has a blog post listing the books you've devoured read during 2013 please, do!!, toss the link in the comments section. 
Sharing of book lists should be mandatory ☺


Mahers Hill Academy said...

Thanks for linking my post, Chelle! I enjoyed your book post, too.

Chelle said...

I book lists are one of my favourite blog posts to read :D

Chareen said...

Thanks Chelle Popping over to look now :)

DeliveringGrace said...

I enjoyed this list. Book lists are fun!
My list is here
and thoughts on the best of these reads here

Chelle said...

thanks for posting your links SarahElisabeth!!