08 October 2013

The Aeneid ... our way

There are so many options for going through the Aeneid, yet I'm only going to repost the links for the things we used for our go through the Aeneid ~ Virgil ..... since you asked E☺
Taking into account that we were needing to go with the most budget driven options, free preferably.
I tentatively thought of purchasing In Search of a Homeland: The Story of the Aeneid ~ Penelope Lively for Daisy; however, Bookdepository.com didn't have it in stock so we just left it and used what we had.
Our local library did not have a copy of the Aeneid to loan, and I did not want to wait on an inter-loan copy - for us it's a case of miss the cue and we do not seem to get back to the books missed.
  • Free online lecture:
  • Abridged audio download   (purchased on sale in 2012)
  • A quick overview on Educational Portal (for Daisy)  … which I won’t link as the children and I thought it contained a lot of ‘unclothed’ paintings, more than any of the other e.p clips we’ve watched to date .
  • Book   a free kindle edition and selected due to the more poetic styled writing by Dryden 
(For someone wanting a more story styled (free) kindle version, this one may fit)
File:Virgil Reading the Aeneid.jpg

If I was really wanting to go the full depth with the Aeneid, and I had known of the learning surge Bobs was going to invest in …  I’d have been more organised and scouted around the 2nd hand book sales to purchase a hard copy of Fitzgerald’s translation.

We’re happy with what we’ve used though.


reader19 said...

Stopping by to say hello! We looked up pictures of Sir Percy~ and Dd wanted to know who he was named after?

Thinking & Praying for you!!!

May your Christmas be ever so Merry and Bright!!!


Chelle said...

Tracy thanks for leaving a comment here - I just found it now :D

Sir Percy was named after the Scarlett Pimpernel in Baroness Orczy's book of the same title ;)

and we in turn are thinking of, and praying, for you all {hugs}