07 October 2013

Quo Vadis... our way

I’m tossing this post up here in answer to a question about our read through with Quo Vadis, not as a promotional post for others to read Q.V

We wanted to read a classical literary work about Rome rather than the Maier title Sonlight is currently using in Core 200 and so elected to go with a title that is used in other highschool currics ; Quo Vadis used to be one of the SL Core 8 titles too, from years back.

We are reading & listening (via audio) through this book together.  
*Recommending that the parent be familiar with the content in this book before handing it over to your student.

We are airbrushing out some of the ‘physical attraction’ moments. :/

Daisy is listening along, to various portions of the story, as Jay and I go through this book.  
While this book is unashamedly Christian in tone, and intent, there are some Roman history portions I do not want her listening in to!
This book does contain some very adult themes; 
the greed of physical desire at a base level, 
confusing lust with love, 
and detailing the practices, vices, and violence, of a debauched filled Roman’s lifestyle.  
In short, Nero was a narcissistic, amoral despot and Sienkiewiecz is writing about the people, culture, and environment he ‘ruled’ in.
We’re moving between a kindle edition and an audio (they are not whispersynced!)
With Jay especially, though Daisy is listening in on these discussions too,  we are finding Quo Vadis is creating a good platform to discuss 1 Corinthians 13, and the reality of  enduring “love”  being an action, not a feeling.

I’ve downloaded some highschool study guides and we’re incorporating portions of those as we go through Q.V.

Quo Vadis Study Guides   (scroll down)

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