02 October 2013

Our Week Ahead (Ancients) ~ 30th Sept

We're studying through Augustus Caesar , and are about to start reading through the birth of Christ.
Daisy rather enjoyed going through this Educational Portal clip about Augustus Caesar.

Our Bible /history portion relating to the birth of Christ comes from:
KJV Bible: Matthew 1,  and portions of the first 2 chapters of The Book of Luke
Victor Journey Through the Bible: 196-201

Bobs is Reading

Daisy's Books
She has nearly finished all her books set up for this year and so is/has been  re-visiting
- Danny the Champion of the World ~ Dahl,
- Black Beauty ~ Sewell,
- Dr Dolittle ~ Lofting,
- The Old Fashioned Girl ~ Alcott (a new title for Daisy and a favourite from my girlhood!!)
She is also preview reading a book intended for our church's library:
 Life With Lily ~ Kinsinger & Fisher
Once she has finished those I'll pass over the reader noted in my schedule:  The Vinegar Boy ~ Hawse

Bobs and I will complete The Aeneid this week, which we are counting as poetry first, and a history title last.

Dn is in the last few chapters of reading The Bronze Bow ~ Speare  to us.
Sonlight Curriculum introduced our family to Elizabeth George Speare's books - I really like Speare's books and this one is a certainly a keeper,
The Bronze Bow has a more 'satisfying' ending than is found in one of the books I'm about to read to Daisy, Sparrow Alone ~ Petersen.
(Sparrow Alone makes for an interesting read and noting here it does contain some mature themes - in particular aggressive male 'interest' towards the key female character.)

Our car time audios:
FOTF The Luke Reports (a favourite listen!)
SOTW1 Ch: 36 1st Roman Prince.

It's term break here for the public and private schools and we are in partial break mode too ... a few days of scheduled learning and a few days off. 
We will be completing 2 days worth of some academic learning - English (language arts ☺, WWS, WWE, AAS, RnS) and Math.
Regardless, Bobs and Daisy can always be found reading, listening to an audio book and keeping themselves busy doing something: idle hands, and minds, are not a good look ☺

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