30 September 2013

Classic Books

During our home educating journey one of *my* in the background goals is to have our family read through, or listen to,  a lot of the "classic" books .
Along with the physical paper-turning editions of classic books we are employing a mix of kindle and audio books to help us to achieve that goal.
Here is one option that I have found useful:

Silas Marner | [George Eliot]An audible account is necessary.
(We use the $9.95, a year,  membership)

I've also found that after purchasing the kindle book on amazon, flicking over to audible and viewing the other audio options of the title you've just purchased can bring up a range of "on sale" options.
I'm very happy to purchase a very well read audio book for $2.99 


Anna said...

Thanks so much for the link - we love audiobooks here!

Chelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

Happy listening!!