16 September 2013

Our Week Ahead (Ancients) - 16 Sept

It's a short week for us so we'll be going through a condensed version of our history schedule.
I put the books out as

We're currently reading through the book of Hebrews (KJV) and are really enjoying the conversations that are happening around that book of the bible.

I know I've said it before, lots, and I'm just repeating that sentiment; I'm loving the logic stage of learning with my children.
I appreciate hearing what they think about topics and books, and how they came to those thoughts or conclusions.
I remembered a mom saying on TWTM, sorry can't recall who that was, that she was enjoying teaching and discussing topics and books at logic level and beyond with her children, as opposed to having them work completely independently.
Nodding in agreement as this is my experience also; and Bobs and Daisy certainly prefer it this way too.

History and Geography
The topics for, our, week 29 are:
Julius Caesar, and , Cleopatra.

Famous Men of Rome:  Sulla, Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar, Cicero
DK History Definitive Visual Guide:Julius Caesar pg108-109,  Cleopatra pg 120-121
Stories from Shakespeare: Julius Caesar ~ Chute
SOTW 1: Caesar - Ch: 34&35 (car time audio)
Documentary about Rome

Biblioplan Ancient Text: Julius Caesar's World (optional)
Free Reading (book basket)
Aeneid (abridged)  continue with
Story of Mankind: The Roman Empire Ch: 23

Julius Caesar and the Romans ~ May (optional)
Free Reading (book basket)
Audio: Ancients Ocean Blue (hoping it's more promising than the review given ;-) )
I forgot to order a book we wanted to use with Daisy, about Cleopatra, so we're going with a much lighter option we've procured from the library:
Danger Zone: Avoid Being Cleopatra (which the rest of us will pick up to casually glance through :) )

Other Subjects
Both children are diligently working on Khan Academy, this week, for math and computer science.
Science continues with our hands on "experiments", reading, and our biology dvd course.
Both children are off on a seriously involved zoology tangent at the moment - so Dn is entertaining the idea of a field trip to the zoo, again.
What is not to like about a field trip to The Zoo in sunny weather.

For Bobs, his typing practice, grammar, and spelling will be done inside history and science - creating outlines and summaries.
We still use dictation for Bobs; and the pieces I select out for him are detailed and certainly more complex than any dictation pieces he's worked on, to date  
I've just been through a repeat listen of Susan Bauer's Writing in the Highschool Years - which is such a help filled audio for me as I can often make, or think,  things are harder than they need to be.
I'm aiming to gets Bobs up and writing again in the last section of WWS.
Last week was read and discuss.

Daisy will do spelling with AAS, and inside her written narrations for WWE.
I don't write out her narrations any more, haven't for ages, she does it once we've talked it through.
Her WWE narrations are also a good chance for handwriting and grammar practice.

We're in week 30 of WWE 3, which touches on the The Black Stallion ~ Farley, and, King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table ~ Green.
Where possible I like the children to have read, or be familiar, with the literature or topic being covered in WWE.
Though she has not been exposed to Green's retelling of King Arthur, she is familiar with Pyle's, audio version of the same tale.
She has not read any of Farley's books.
For a child that loves horses so much, she is not overly fussed on reading literary fiction about them (??)

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