11 September 2013

Our Week Ahead ~ 9th Sept (Ancients)

Our History/Geography topic this week:
Roman Wars, Emperors and Empires.

Biblioplan Text : Punic Wars (highschool)
Hannibal ~ Green
Judas Maccabeus ~ Healey (flick through read only)
The Story of Mankind  ch:22 Rome & Carthage
FmoR: Fabi – Marius
Portions of Julius Caesar ~ Shakespeare (his choice )
Lite read: Hostage Lands ~ Douglas Bond
Audio: The Young Carthaginian ~ Henty (Relistening to a favourite)
And various documentaries he has selected out to watch with Dn.
All of us:
Invitation to the Classics: Virgil ~ Cowan
Biblioplan Text : Punic Wars (maps & discussion)
The Romans ~ Burrell (Wars, Republic and Empire, The Army)
Stories From Shakespeare ~ retold by Marchette Chute (Julius Caesar)
The Fallacy Detective
Audios: Aeneid by Virgil dramatised and abridged   (Y, caution recommended)
our car time audio (dd) SOTW1: War With Carthage.

A Triumph for Flavius ~ Snedeker
A Roman Centurion ~ Wood
UILE, and portions of Biblioplan Companion text.

FmoR: Fabi - Marius
The Ancient World (fashion & costume) Roman Army

She’s currently going through Winnie the Pooh again, as she enjoys Milne's humour -  so sweet to see her revisiting early childhood favourites :)
Daisy's extra, and delight led reading is usually too extensive to list so I just don't.

Language Arts
Our end of the week literary extra continues to be:
 Julius Caesar ~ Shakespeare (week 2 of 4)
This post details some of the items we're using.
I’m amazed at how interested both the children are in Shakespeare’s play on Julius Caesar – they are understanding Shakespeare in it's original format just fine… all the years of hearing, and reading, the KJV bible are paying off, as Lynn Bruce's Ambleside article mentions, "familiarity with King James English will make other literature more accessible.", 
 and for our family this has certainly been the case. 

Bobs, who has never been overly fussed on memorisation, is going around spouting off portions of the play with great dramatic flair. Ha! 

And I'm ensuring that our language arts focus capitalises on our current study through Shakespeare/Caesar;  and amazingly Daisy's WWE lessons this week tie in perfectly with that.  The lessons for week29  are all on Julius Caesar, and the dictation is from Shakespeare.
I'm having Bobs take a small WWS breather before we settle back into completing Vol.1.

He is completing dictation pieces taken from Shakespeare, 
is blending his typing and persuasive writing time together,
and creating summaries from various sources he is reading.

Daisy is doing well with her current AAS book and is content to do, on average, half a lesson each day.

I've switched back to regularly reviewing the AAS spelling rules with Bobs, as I've come to find that orchestrating that small task is helpful and necessary.
I do notice when he's tired his spelling acumen floats right out the window.


Anonymous said...

Interested in that Shakespeare title... what's the age level? xVic

Chelle said...

I'm finding it a very good fit for my nearly 14 yr old ds & myself, than for my nearly 12 yr old dd who is also listening in.
This is the book I've chosen to use for our NZ years of highschool:
ages 13 onwards.

Perhaps take a look inside the sample here, scrolling down to the actual play portion, The Comedy of Errors and see what you think:

Chelle ☺

Chelle said...

Try this link instead :-D