13 July 2013

Our Week Ahead ~ 8th July

 I haven't posted a "week ahead" post for quite a while, so felt like today was a good day to restart that, even though it's now our week just done!
We've just completed week 20 of our Ancients History Schedule - 20 weeks down and only 16 to go.

History:  India.
We’re ahead in our bible studying/reading/audio portion of our ancients study so we elected to enjoy some more of the scripture referenced fables in Shelia Carroll's Aesop’s Fables book.

Memorisation and Fine Arts:
last week of learning
Scripture: Philippians 4:8
Hymn: Be Thou My Vision
Our picture study for the next few weeks: The Gleaners (Millet)

Literature and History Spines:
Keeping Corner - Sheth
this is a book which covers some very gritty topics, some of which we'll airbrush. 
Both children were enjoying their readers so much they have asked for no family read aloud in the evening this week so that they could carry on and enjoy their own books!  We have not had that happen before!

Fallacy Detective 
(I’m thinking of adding Art of Argument for Bobs, as I like the portion of the book I’ve pre-read.)

Biblioplans Text
We’re also going to include the history test that goes with the chapt on India this week.

Boys with No Names – Seth
( I thought this book was very thought provoking, and would not recommend it for sensitive readers .  Bobs was right into this book and just sat and devoured it any chance he could get.)

Glencoe’s chapt on India, and then contrasting it with information given in KFisher encyc

Carrying on with Drover's Road – West.
She is highly recommending this book and has claimed it to go on her own, favourite reads, bookshelf.

Review this week
L/A’s: continuing on with WWS, WWE, AAS, and RnS … ...we also had plans to get to The Creative Writer on Friday and instead became distracted by a newly born lamb ..... more on that in another post.

Visual Latin: Down to one day a week on this, as we are using that lesson space/time during the week to work on subjects that need some review added to them!

We are trying to tie up the science books they are currently reading as Bobs is keen to ‘get into’ chemistry - especially the chemistry box that we've just purchased!  I will type more about that in another post.

So that’s the first week of our next 6 week run of scheduled learning.
And I am about to start counting down the weeks until spring!  It can't be too far away now, with the first of our winter lambs being born.

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reader19 said...

How about a cute picture of a baby lamb??? What if I say "please"???
Thanks for sharing what your up to! It's good to see what books your reading! Keep warm!!