23 May 2013

Ancients: Go-along links to Awesome Stories

Repasting this link here: awesomestories, for others that may wish to use it; or as a reminder that this resource is out there :)

I've notated our collection of go-along links, below, for ancients.  Which may save others some time:

Mesopotamia: Hammurabi   2000 BC

Mummies: Includes Egyptian Mummies 

Greece: Troy   - Achilles, Hector and The Iliad

Greece: Olympian Games   776 BC

Greece:  Sparta & Persia: Battle of Thermopylae   480 BC

Greece: Alexander the Great  356 BC+

China:  Tomb of the Dragon Emperor  247 BC

Passion of Christ  AD

Pompeii  79 AD

Roman Games & the Gladiators : Marcus Aurelius   161 AD

Hadrians Wall: Anglo-Saxons  440 ish AD

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