16 July 2013

Roosters and Lambs ~ Science

The roosters, Mr Barnvelder & Sir Percy, and the hens are from the last batch of eggs we hatched in the incubator.

We couldn't get any closer to Clementine and her first lamb on the first day so this is a fill in picture - just for reader19 :-D
The ewe behind her is also with lamb and due any day now!!


reader19 said...

Thank you!!! Aren't they all beautiful!!! I just want to reach in and touch them! Your winter has green grass??? and living plants! I couldn't pick which chicken I liked best, I'd have to get to know them better first! Thank you! I can't wait to show my Dd!

Chelle said...

We think they are beautiful; :D
And yes, our winter has green grass & plants!!
Which makes the day so lovely when the sun is shining.

We'll endeavour to get more science pet pictures up, another day.