11 May 2013

The 10 Commandments ~ Memorisation, Copywork, and Dictation

We found it beneficial to make sure we had the order of The 10 Commandments nailed down before we had Daisy work on learning the KJV version of the commandments, as found in Exodus 20.

We're using some copywork and dictation pages with Bobs and Daisy to compliment this portion of our bible memorisation sessions.

(The pages are stored over at dropbox which can sometimes scramble the appearance of the pages on line - the pdfs save and print out perfectly.)

   The 10 Commandments KJV ~ Memorisation, Copywork, and Dictation.


reader19 said...

Thanks for the fun video on the 10 Commandments! I've got it down myself! I don't get the #2--shoe, do you?!! I figured out the rest though!


Chelle said...

the used it because it rhymes with two.
and when someones dies they are often placed in a grave - quantum leap needed now :D
grave becomes 'graven image'....
so, they no longer need shoes
2= shoe
no shoes in a grave
grave becomes graven (as in a lifeless image).