18 April 2013

The 10 Plagues in Egypt ~ Notebooking Page

Sharing here the notebooking pages we've tossed together to use alongside our study of Moses and the Plagues in Egypt - to help solidify the portion on the 10 plagues in Egpyt and the Egpytian gods they challenged.

(For anyone interested in H.o.W Exodus Lesson, including the coloured clip art, above, which is used in a lapfold,  see here.  )

The Egyptian Gods, black and white, clip art page is out of Remembering God's Awesome Acts
though we may use some of the  - free for personal and/or school use only -   Egyptian gods clip art   instead.

Betsy Stout has created some free notebooking pages others may like to use:

There are a plethora of Ancient Egypt freebies, and go alongs out there .. pinterest is a pretty good spot to browse through for possible options.
We're going to use the pages we have on hand below, out of Remembering God's Awesome Acts, and, Bibloplan's Companion Text.


Julie said...

Thanks for this! I appreciate your free resources.

Chelle said...

You're very welcome Julie, & thanks for leaving a comment here.