17 April 2013

Dr. Jay Wile ~ New Elementary Science Course

We're currently reading through Dr. Wiles new elementary science book:
Science in the Ancient World.
Currently, the free download is only available to those outside the USA - so yes, Vess,  Canadians can access it too.

The first 'course' Dr. Wile put up, Science in the Creation Week , contained so many things I don't like to use in a science curric - similar to Apologia's jnr texts  - that I'll leave that one for someone else to review.  Others will *love* it!   
We'll ... perhaps not those that have no desire to navigate through a 6 literal days "science" view point. The index for Science in the Creation Week and a 1 page peek can be seen here

I'm enjoying Science in the Ancient World so far and we all like the writing style - we'll continue to do it as a discussion based 'option' - and no Eliz we have not felt so inclined to do any experiments, yet.
The differing levels for lesson review at the end of each topic make this text very adaptable  - and easy to use with a variety of ages, and ability.

This course does have a similar format to Science in the Creation Week, with the Ancients text covering scientific discovery made by natural philosophers, spanning the era from the ancient Greeks upto, and including, the time of Leonardo da Vinci.
The index for Science in the Ancient World can be viewed here ... and yes it is the Ancients index, someone just forgot to change the title ☺

Maybe it's the topic being covered as opposed to 'writing style' - but Science in the Ancient World was definitely more appealing to us than the Creation Week text
* dragging this post forward and updating with picts.

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Anonymous said...

LOL you're 2 funny doll!
The experiments you guys do tackle are amazing.
How's Bobs perpet. mo. exp. coming along?

And adding 'case anyone is interested Wile's Days of Creation Science curric is easy enough to adapt for those of us with a differing creation view point.

Typed it diplomatically so you won't nix my comment 'chelle.

Eliz (-%