23 April 2013

Ancient Egypt - Tiny Tie-in, During Break Week

During our term break we're indulging in a bit of a visual tie-in fest, starting with
The Ten Commandments  movie, especially for Daisy's benefit :-)
and then toss in a few documentaries .... there are so many available to choose from on youtube - however we decided to just watch these few:

1: Ancient Egypt - The Mystery of the Rosetta Stone - BBC (which I shan't link here due to the 'foul mouthed' remarks in the comments section - we just downloaded it to watch off of the youtube site ) 

2: Ramses the Great: Master of Engineering

3: Egypt: The Search of Tutankhamun  BBC

and then we'll hop over to the history channel to see if there is anything of interest we may like there.

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