15 April 2013

Our Week Ahead ~ 15 April

We've not long started a new creative writing course for Bobs, The Creative Writer.
Last week seemed to go pretty well and amazingly the lesson tied in perfectly with a teaching style very similar to one we'd already covered in WWS1, a Tom Sawyer excerpt with a summary outline.

KJV Exodus 2-3, 7-14 (audio bible), and, GG to OTH  Lesson 40 and Exodus Ch: 6
Victory Journey through the Bible;  pgs 54-65,  Moses, Plagues, and, The Exodus
BiblioPlan Companion Ancients Map - The Exodus   for Bobs
What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers pg 36-42 (Moses)  for Daisy

Refer to Remembering Gods Awesome Acts pgs 246-255 create Plague to Egpytian Gods notepage, and, complete gods in different cultures page.

Continue with one on one review .
Khan Academy instruction this 2 days this week, and, 3 day of Making Math Meaningful
Continue with Khan Academy. Review of math terms. Some LOF.
Language Arts and Literature:
Continue with scheduled L/As guides
(WWS - work with mum, RnS grammar 2 lessons a day, Creative Writer 1 day this week)  
AAS twice this week.
Reader: Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt ~ Elizabeth Payne   continue pgs 119-174
Do Hard Things ~ Alex & Brett Harris  continue, a chapter each day.
Read Aloud to family: Poetry Piece

Continue with scheduled L/As guides.
(WWE - with mum, RnS grammar 2 lessons a day, handwriting 2 days this week)

Reader:   Tirzah ~ Travis
Read Aloud to family, poetry from Favourite Poems Illustrated  ~ Helen Ferris

Family Read Aloud:
Pillar of Fire ~ J.H. Ingraham (continue)

Hittite Warrior ~ Joanne Williamson  with 2012 SL Core G booknotes (start as lunch time read)

History and Geography 
Week 10: Moses Pt: 1, and, The Exodus
Book of the Ancient World ~ Dorothy Mills  
- Moses & the Exodus pg119-121,
- The Hittites & Their Cities pg155-158,
- The Hittite and Their Neighbours pg 159-164  

Kingfisher pg 20 (1600-1200BC) The Hittites
Story of Man Kind  Ch:9 Moses (compare to biblical account)

UILE pg 142 Hebrew Kingdoms pt A (approx 1200BC) 
(SOTW 1: ch:14 colour in sheet - plagues of Egypt   opt)

Car and Craft Time Audio: The Cat of the Bubastes  (available as a download)
Random choices which are often favourite relistens:
Bobs: El Dorado - Baroness Orczy (read by Karen Savage)
Daisy: Little Lord Fauntleroy  - Frances Hodgson Burnett

Perplexors D for Bobs
Chess Academy - Bobs
Perplexors B for Daisy

Science & Nature:
Delight led videos, online classes,  and experiments.
Bobs to continue reading Exploring Planet Earth ~ John Tiner.  (written summary a la WWS)
Daisy to continue reading The Story Book of Science ~ John Henri Fabre and select one notebook page to go with a corresponding chapter this week.

For the Term
Memorisation : (loaded on to their ipods as a play list and to be listened to in their own time)
Song for 2 weeks: 10 Commandments (Credo CD - Harrow family)
Hymn: All the Way My Saviour Leads Me
Multiplication Songs  6,7,8,9,12  times tables - Daisy

Johann Strauss II via  Classical Composers Monthy    
Week 4 of 4 weeks   

Artist & Theme:
Ancient Egyptian Art
A lesson with Mark Kistler (Ancients)

Computer Science for Bobs (continue with lessons)
Handstitching project - Daisy

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