23 April 2013

Free Audio Books ~ a Smaller List of Titles

I'm essentially archiving these links here, for my own benefit - so easy to refer to them this way.
We've checked out that the readers are pleasant, or good!,  to listen to, but have not managed to go through to vouch safe for all of these stories and their content, yet.
Audio Books (just a few) Titles from Booksshouldbefree:

Ancient History
The Eye of Osirus  (Ancient Egypt tie-in detective story - not sure of exact content yet)
Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before  Ancient Greece
History of Julius Caesar
When the King Came   life of Christ for youngers and young middles
Quo Vadis  Rome/ Nero -  not down loaded yet, nor sure of exact content
Middle Ages
The Discovery of NewWorlds (various ages)
Stories of Beowulf Told to Children Short History of Scotland
Margaret of Anjou  Start of the 30 Years War
At Agincourt: White Hoods of Paris  G.A. Henty  1400’s
The Awakening of Europe  (Synge)  1520-1745
Tavern Knight

Modern Times and (some) Classic Authors
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby   (Britian) Charles Dickens
Tom Browns School Days   (Britian) Thomas Hughes
Michael Strogoff  (Russia) Jules Verne
Emperors Candlesticks  (Russia) Baroness Orczy
The Boys Life of Mark Twain  (USA) biography
Slavery of Our Time  Leo Tolstoy
http://www.booksshouldbefree.com/book/Tavern-Knight middle ages
Three Men in a Boat   (humour)  Jerome K. Jerome

Lamplighter Go Along Authors, or Titles
Ester Reid 
Julia Reid 
Probable Sons 
Tip Lewis and His Lamp 
Peep Behind the Scene 

Knyght Ther Was  not sure of the content of this yet ... wondering if anyone else has read, or heard it?   Time travel 2178 to 542
Girls of Gardenville   for older ? girls??

Dog of Flanders  (dogs)
Dandelion Cottage  (girls)
Mag and Margaret: A Story for Girls  (girls)
Royal Book of Oz   Wizard of Oz tie-in title
Pussy and Doggy Tales   E.Nesbit (youngers)

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