21 March 2013

The High School Years ~ Easing into Them

In NZ highschool is attended from around age 13, we don't classifiy it as junior high here - it's all highschool from our year 9 onwards.

I've pondered off and on the ramifications of starting our learning journey through the highschool years and as we've started this new year it's felt like a natural upward progression to the next stage of learning - remind me of that as we get further along ☺ - and as Bobs told one of his Aunties, " It's not as hard as I thought it would be, it's just more work than last year".
(I am still planning (ha!) a strategim to ensure he does write up the history assignments that go with Glencoe World History - that physical exercise for him seems to be just a bit too much 'more work'. ☺)

Bobs, at this stage of his learning journey, does not want to go straight from home educating to higher education - he wants to take a good gap to pursue other things.
So many people (!) ask what he wants to be when he grows up ... eyes twinkling, and sober faced, he replies, "An adult ?".

I enjoyed reading Karen's post on 'their' journey in the highschool years



Erin said...

I found your blog recently, so lovely to have another hs blogger in the sthn hemisphere:)
Not sure if you know of our Highschool hs carnival, you are more than welcome to join us

reader19 said...

Thank you for the Karen Andreola blog! I didn't even think to look for one for her, even though I have most of her books! (I have her books, not her curriculum.) Thank you for posting that link! Not that I need to spend any more time on the computer!

Sending you a warm hug of appreciation and affection today!!! May the good Lord bless you and your family!

Chelle said...

Thanks, Erin, for stopping by and for the invite to the HS Carnival ☺

Chelle said...

LOL ...sorry to increase your online reading :-D Tracy.

in friendship, with love and blessings to you and yours, too.
(Hoping your entry in to spring is wonder filled!)