25 March 2013

Our Week Ahead ~ 25 March 2013

We are about to start wk 7 of our history schedule and the first term seems to have slipped past so fast!

I only pull out a terms worth of work to place in our working folder, which this term is 10 weeks worth of our schedule, booknotes - if any - maps, colouring pages and any related sheets
(such as those from Remembering God's Awesome Acts) .  
If we don't feel like choosing from these sheets, we just ignore them  ☺
For the Week Ahead
KJV Genesis 37, 38-41, 46  and  (a  few questions on Thursday) GG to OTH
Victory Journey through the Bible;  pgs 40-50,  Joseph
BiblioPlan Companion Ancients Map - Joseph   for Bobs
What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers pg 28 (Genesis)  for Daisy

As usual
Language Arts
Continue with scheduled L/As guides.
Reader: Gifted Hands~ Ben Carson (complete)
Read Aloud to family: Poetry Pieces

Continue with scheduled L/As guides.
Reader: random choice from book basket
Read Aloud to family, poetry from Favourite Poems Illustrated  ~ Helen Ferris

Family Read Aloud:
The House of Love ~ Elizabeth Cheney (continue with)
Aurelia Wilde is cruelly selfish and downright miserable-a victim of her mother's desperate attempts to place her delicate "prized possession" on an unreachable pedestal. But her glory is only surface deep. Aurelia's complaining spirit is a stark contrast to that of her servant-girl, Doris, who knows that in spite of life's troubles, she will one day "dwell in the house of the Lord forever." Her many talents and cheerful disposition cause her to be loved and appreciated, even by the notable residents of Waverly Manor. How jealousy swells within Aurelia's vengeful mother! She'll get even yet.

History & Geography 
Week 7: Joseph (17 years to death)
We've already listened to the audio we had scheduled in for this week, and enjoyed it immensely:
Death Comes As the End (Egypt around 2000 BC) by Agatha Christie, 
so the children are continuing on with their own random choices:
Daisy: Come on, Seabiscuit! by Ralph Moody (read by Jim Weiss).  Amazingly, we managed to procure this audio download through our local library

Perplexors D for Bobs
Perplexors B for Daisy

Science & Nature:
Bobs to continue working on his perpetual motion machine
Photography of God's creatures & creation (All of us)
Delight led science for Daisy this term
Continue with our summer garden/ing study (we're harvesting our crops = which is pretty amazing considering the total lack of rain we've had here, think drought, until about a week ago.)

Bobs is reading Exploring Planet Earth ~ John Tiner, &,
Daisy has just started The Story Book of Science ~ John Henri Fabre.

For the Term
Memorisation : (loaded on to their ipods as a play list and to be listened to in their own time)
Scripture: Psalm 121
Hymn: All the Way My Saviour Leads Me
Review Grammar Songs - Both
Multiplication Songs  6,7,8,9,12  times tables - Daisy

Johann Strauss II via  Classical Composers Monthy    
Week 1 of 4 weeks   
Artist & Theme:
Ancient Egyptian Art

A lesson with Mark Kistler (Ancients)
Photography, in nature study time (weather permitting)

Computer Science for Bobs (continue with lessons)
With Dn for Bobs this term - wielding
Baking with Daisy  (Weds only)
Handstitching - Daisy

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