19 March 2013

Sorting Through Sonlights Book Changes for 2013

Sonlight has given the heads up on their book changes for 2013 - 2014 ... as soon as the catalogue goes live I'll be updating our Discontinued Sonlight Books list.
For those about to use Core H here is a sneak peak of the changes made for this year:

Core H:
George Washington's World
Abraham Lincoln's World
The Kidnapped Prince
Great Expectations

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
Lord Peter: The Complete Lord Peter Wimsey Stories (sounds interesting. We are avid Wimsey fans here!!)
Operation Yes
Chu Ju's House (Gloria Whelan books are liked in our home)

Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster - now 5-day only
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - now 5-day only
Homeless Bird - moved from Reader to Read-Aloud

One of the moderators over at the SL forums has also given the 'heads up' about the changes being made to the highschool levelled Cores and a teaser about a proposed  highschool jnr? or snr? ancients Core, which has been christened Core 500.

Book descriptions remain 'missing' from the catalogue ...  I did ask about the format of the newly revamped upper level cores. (Some of the changes sound really good!!)

Q: Could you please advise if the newly revised upper level cores IG's have been over hauled/updated so that the book notes are no longer separate, but piecemealed with the rest of the cores notes?

A: I can indeed confirm that for you. As we have updated our high school Instructor's Guides to provide a Parent and a Student Guide for each "module", we have also updated the formatting so that it is similar to the lower levels. Each week's schedule is immediately followed by daily notes, questions, mapping and timeline assignments.

 So separate booknotes will be a SL IG look from the past - feeling a little sad about that, for our family, as some of the changes to the new upper level cores look excellent and have now become items we'd have loved to have purchased and then reinvent ☺.
However, piecemeal notes are just too clunky for us to wield and try to use in our personalised SL journey.

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