25 March 2013

Creative Writing?

I sit, way over, inside the fence that prefers to leave creative writing until much later; unless either of my children showed a decided drive or talent to want to write creatively - they don't .. at this stage anyway.
When it comes to drive and talent one child would rather sing and play the piano , the other child loves to design, or, debate (?) theology.

Other of our home educating associates have children with the most amazing ability, seriously,  to craft  creative pieces that bear all the hall markings of  publishable author.   
Not everyone is destined to be a skilled creative writer, regardless of that fact,  I believe it will be very helpful for my children to be trained in the skill of pulling together central thoughts to write a decent research paper -  should they need it for higher level education - hence our ongoing journey with PHPs writing course.

That said, I still want to allow a decent opportunity to give our students instructed opportunity to flex their creative writing muscles.
Bobs is at the stage and ability in his writing  journey to need some of that instruction and practice with creative writing - if he allows me to (grin), we may end up with some interesting posts about that aspect of his learning journey.
If he says no, well ...
I'll just tell you whether I like, or dislike, the tools we're using

We're about to start, perhaps belatedly,  The Creative Writer,  Level One by Boris Fishman which is a suggested companion course to use alongside Writing With Skill.
Samples can be found here.

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It's a little like soap and very small boys.