01 April 2013

Our Week Ahead ~ 1 April 2013

It's a short week, again, and as we have no intention to start scheduled history learning again until Weds, so for our family it's a very short week.
For the (very short) Week Ahead
KJV Exodus 1 and  2:1-10   (a  few questions on Thursday) GG to OTH
Victory Journey through the Bible;  pgs 51-53,  Hebrews Become Slaves, &, Moses
BiblioPlan Companion Ancients Map - Egypt's Middle Kingdom   for Bobs
What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers pg 35 (Exodus)  for Daisy

One on one review with Daisy for 2 days, then math games on Friday.
Bobs to continue with Khan Academy.
Language Arts:
Continue with scheduled L/As guides  
(I had a false joyous moment last last week  - I thought Bobs had completed AAS .... then discovered the level 7 book /card set had not even been cracked open. So, we continue.)
Reader: Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt ~ Elizabeth Payne
Do Hard Things ~ Alex & Brett Harris
Read Aloud to family: Poetry Piece

Continue with scheduled L/As guides.
Reader and Picture Books: Miriam ~ Gormley ( Yve ☺recommend you pre-reading this one)
Adventures in Ancient Egypt ~ Bailey
Tales of the Dead: Ancient Egypt ~ DK
Read Aloud to family, poetry from Favourite Poems Illustrated  ~ Helen Ferris

Family Read Aloud:
Pillar of Fire ~ J.H. Ingraham
(The Pillar of Fire is part of Lamplighters Epic Collection)
Eloquently-written, an illustrative account of the Prince of Tyre during his visit to Egypt more than 3500 years ago. The author brings full color and inspiration to every page in this Biblical historical fiction set in the time of Moses): a suspense-filled drama.

The entire book can be viewed online here.   Dn & I have enjoyed one of Ingraham's other books -  Prince of the House of David - and had this title recommended to us from an associate of Dn's.
We need to start this book a little early in our study of Egypt as it is rather long.

History & Geography 
Week 8: Egypt's Middle Kingdoms, and , The Birth of Moses
Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6
(not sure if we'll manage all of that - but we'll have a good shot at it.)

Both: DK Eyewitness - Ancient Egypt (pictorial)

Random choices:
Bobs:  Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (continue)
Daisy: A Garland for Girls ~ Lousia May Alcott  (free audio download from books should be free. Daisy has listened to this a few times already.)
Logic: (not this week)
Perplexors D for Bobs
Perplexors B for Daisy

Science & Nature:
Totally delight led this week.
Bobs to continue reading Exploring Planet Earth ~ John Tiner, &,
Daisy to continue reading The Story Book of Science ~ John Henri Fabre.

For the Term
Memorisation : (loaded on to their ipods as a play list and to be listened to in their own time)
Scripture: Psalm 121
Hymn: All the Way My Saviour Leads Me
Review Grammar Songs - Both
Multiplication Songs  6,7,8,9,12  times tables - Daisy

Johann Strauss II via  Classical Composers Monthy    
Week 1.5 of 4 weeks   

Artist & Theme:
Ancient Egyptian Art

A lesson with Mark Kistler (Ancients)
Photography, in nature study time (weather permitting)

Computer Science for Bobs (continue with lessons)
With Dn for Bobs this term - wielding
Baking with Daisy  (Weds only)
Handstitching - Daisy

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