03 December 2012

Our week ahead - 03 Dec 2012

This is our last week ahead post for 2012 and I am thanking God so sincerely for allowing us to stay, mostly, on task with the twists and turns a year can bring.

We are finished with all our SOTW4 chapters, map work, logic level modern history discussions ☺ and encyclopedia readings.

Dn just finished reading Shadow Spinner to us as our family read aloud. 
We found this to be an absolutely riveting read aloud and it now ranks as our favourite SL read aloud for this year!!!

Before reading Shadow Spinner - do read the comments others make in the book notes SL provides (or provided ;-) ) about how life in the harem is dealt with - Fletcher deals with it in a very perfunctory style. 
The story here is centred around keeping Shahrazad supplied with stories and alive, not to try and create a millsNboon 'romance' toned story ... unlike another book used in Core F, Seven Daughters & Seven Sons; as one of my friends would say - "Meh!  Sensual toned trash".
I tossed that book in the bin ☺

Others may feel just as umimpressed with Shadow Spinner?

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