06 December 2012

A Narrative Toned Ancients Spine - 2013

Just popping this post up here for other Ancients curric planners - seems to be a good few of us doing this right about now

I've managed to sort out spines for Bobs to use for Ancients:
The KJV bible.
Biblioplan Ancients Companion ( I really like this, it's a perfect mix of ancient world history and biblical history!)
Glencoe World History (Ancients) & some Kingfisher Encyc - a mix of both
Greenleaf  Guide to Ancient Literature.  I only want to use portions of this as Bob is a little on the young side for some of the books in the guide.  I'm tossing up whether to schedule this in or just use it in a more casual manner (* update: we went with the casual approach.  Eliz, this is an excellent guide to use alongside Gilgamesh ☺)

Daisy will use:
The KJV bible
Usborne History Encyclopedia

As one of our narrative history spines I'll be reading aloud to both children:
Book of the Ancient World by Dorothy Mills
I am planning on using the student books in a more relaxed manner than could be prescribed:
we'll be completing much of the book as a discussion together guide.
Happy to see some mapping work in there - it makes it feel like a natural progression on from SOTW.

The book will take us through to Ancient Greece ..... and though I'd love to purchase the other two Dorothy Mills books published by Memoria Press, we'll use what we have on our shelves and switch to Roy Burrell's books:
The Greeks, and, The Romans  - which will take us right through to the end of the year.

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