23 November 2012

Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History ~ free download

I am not sure if this free download is time sensitive, but at the time of posting The Shearers had very generously made their   Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History   available as a free down load;  it is a wonderful guide and I think Balancing the Sword may end up sitting on the shelf waiting for some of our other years studying of the bible.


DeliveringGrace said...

Thank you-I've just downloaded this.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this link! I was actually looking at this book for a while. What a great find!

Chareen said...

Thank you so much for this Chelle :)

Chelle said...

I thought the pdf was just a wonderful blessing too - so happy to pass a link like that on.

reader19 said...

What are you using for your NT study? Did you ever go back to the Balancing The Sword set? Thanks for sharing all that you do! It helps me greatly!!!
Thanks for being you!!

Chelle said...

We started out using Balancing the Sword, which is still a good set!!, yet since Dn has been there for much of our morning time bible readings he has been leading the study and discussion. We are going through the bible rather slowly this way, but being blessed by a very indepth bible course .... which is of no help to you.
I really like The 40 Day Bible Adventure ~ Christopher Hudson (ebook down load for .99 cents from Christian book) that we have & I would use, slowed way down!! alongside a good bible comentary (Zondervan), if we didn't have Dn.
Nice to find your message here.
I'll be posting again soon; once family guests have departed :-D