14 December 2012

Ancients 2013 Planning - Update

I'm switching two of the Sutcliff picture based books we were considering using, Black Ships Before Troy, &, Wanderings of Odysseus  listed here,  over to afternoon audios with mum - I'd rather Daisy create her own mental pictures, not take on board someone elses, with these two books.

Until Dec 21, Audible do have a 25% off sale for members, so I've made good use of that and purchased the audio books for under $6.50 each (USD).

Another historical based fiction audio we'll be listening through is The Ancient Oceans Blue ... (that one is $3.95 USD Eliz ;)  )and fits into the Roman era and the early life of Julius Caesar.
I'm not sure of the exact content, so at this stage so I'm not recommending it - just suggesting it ☺

We'll also be listening through an ancient Egyptian (2000BC) who-dunnit,  penned by Agatha Christie: Death Comes As the End

I'm nearly at the end of slotting in the last few books to our ancients schedule and then it will be time for a decent break from all things *curriculum*before we start back to scheduled learning in mid January.

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