30 December 2012

2013 Calendar Planning Page for New Zealanders

There are many (!!) wonderful planners available for home educators to use in 2013 - yet I couldn't find one that included a 2013 calendar planning page ( A free Year at a Glance download) geared specifically for us, in New Zealand.

And I'm also trying out dropbox as our document storer ... we seem to be having a few problems downloading some of our files over at hslaunch.

To collect our Year at A Glance pdf from dropbox, click the link below.
Once at dropbox:
click the darker blue download tab,
then hold down the Ctrl key and click on direct download.
The select open or save ..... as suits.

2013 Calender Planning Pages for kiwis

ETA: dropbox changes the appearance of the font in the pdf, yet the fonts stay intact once the actual pdfs are open.

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