01 November 2012

Home Educating in Highschool - A Link

My blog friend Chareen, who writes Every Bed of Roses, has shared a very thought filled post about her experience educating two of her children through the high school years.

You can check out her post here: Nurturing Independence in Highschool  - which also links to a high school carnival.

The highschooling topic is one that is developing into becoming a front & centred focus for Dn and I as we prayerfully start working through options for a proposed plan of study, with possible electives, for Bobs to complete before he graduates from educating at home.
Not a topic we are taking lightly - or just leaving to take care of itself so we can just amble through Bobs higher schooling years.
We know the unexpected in life can, and probably will happen; but in our home we work best with a proposed goal to start working towards.


Chareen said...

Thank you for the heads up Chelle :)

My Aussie friend Erin has written a post on this topic too that I thought you might enjoy.


Chelle said...

Thanks for the linked comment Chareen.
(I'll follow that up!)