30 October 2012

Nature Study ~ Feeding the Birds

Our family is fascinated by ornithology and with spring time here we're getting to spend
 extra time outside enjoying the varied bird life in our back yard.

This week , our science-y hat tipping will be to our continued nature studies: we're hoping to make another of the bird enticing recipes out of Tea for the Tui by Rosemary Tully
We have plans to make Pancake Bird Bars ... which are a bar using pancake mixture, et al:
2 eggs
1 Cup wild bird seed
1 large carrot
1/2 cup fresh, raw broccoli
1/2 cp mixed nuts (not peanuts, or salted)
a quantity of 'pancake mix'  (found elsewhere in the book)

(organic, or home puree, baby food)
1 jar of kumara & sweetcorn
1 jar of potatoes, peas & broccoli.

(E.  I'll let you know if the birds enjoy it of not ... ☺)

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