09 August 2012

World War 1, & a New Zealand Artist

We're taking some time to stop and look at some of the paintings of George E. Butler  as our art history tie in for the next wee bit. 
Butler became one of NZ's official WW1 artists just 3 months before the war ended and while successful, and recognised,  during the years he lived,  today he is basically an unknown and little recognised artist.

Here is a list of some of Butlers paintings to browse through: http://warart.archives.govt.nz/taxonomy/term/182/  

I think we're going to look more in depth at the painting  Butte de Polygon
So it's art history studies.....  and I'll rope in some baking for Daisy - as a history tie-in - this week.

Cooking and history? 
Time to cook ANZAC biscuits and look at some of the "history" that surrounds those biscuits.
Daisy'll love it!

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