10 August 2012

SOTW Vol.4 and World War 1 cont....

The post before this one deals with some of our weeks WW1 studies; here is another portion of the rest of our week's history happenings - mostly in picture format.

The colour in pages are from Story of the World Vol. 4 - downloadable from Peace Hill Press.
We sat at the table with our water colour palettes, painting and listened to War Horse.
(A great way to wind down from a pretty intense Weds!)

Dan Steves does a sterling job reading War Horse; he does it with the right amount of emotive feeling and global input (translate that as great accents!)
Our World War 1 study for Daisy has been from the perspective of the animals, not from the perspective of the soldiers.
Bobs, however, has immersed himself right into the soldiers side of the war and to that end has pulled out his war models box to create a World War 1 scene.
When he gets creative like that we lose the use of our dining table for a while ... let's hope guests don't turn up for tea (our evening meal) in the next few days ☺
Along with a detailed mapping exercise, I had both children create an outline, above, from SOTW4  World War 1's reading. 
The Timeline cards on our lapfold are from out of the activity book (again we printed from  SOTW 4 student's activites download, though we do own the book).

Daisy enjoyed her SL 4 reader, Hero Over Here, and I'm getting ready to immerse us into a read aloud about the "spanish" flu in New Zealand: When the War Came Home


Chelle said...

I've placed a link inside our post, which should (☺) take you straight to the outline pages over at HSlaunch.

reader19 said...

I am glad to know I am not the only mother that gives up her table! That is reassuring! Those projects can get really exciting and all-engulfing!

Chelle said...

How encouraging reader19 ... I'm in good company then!!
We often have to eat at the breakfast bar as the table is in service 'hosting' a project.

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of your program and I tried to open some of the downloads to accompany our studies in SOTW Vol 4 but had no success unfortunately. Do you have a Bible Study that you link to your History studies?

Chelle said...

Sorry to read about your lack of success accessing the downloads via hslaunch :-/
(I'm not a techy, so I'm no help there.)
In regard to bible study and history studies; we've used a mix of bible study tools, to date, along side our history schedule.

We don't have a typed up bible study schedule that matches in with our hist schedules.